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Short Stack Play in Limit Hold Em MTT

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  • Short Stack Play in Limit Hold Em MTT

    The 2 players to my direct left are sitting out, and the Button, SB, and BB are a mixture of LAG/ LP/ just loose in general. These players do not have a fold button so I don't expect to ever be able to open raise and take down a pot without a flop. I'm shot stacked well below average chips when this hand comes up.

    PokerStars Limit Hold'emTournament, 150/300 Blinds (6 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from

    Hero's M: 5.7

    Preflop: Hero is UTG with 3, 3

    Total pot: t225 (1.5 BB)

    Hero's Play?
    Whats the best approach to short stack play in limit hold em tournaments?
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    The hand converter did not include opponents stacks so here they are

    BB (t6,495) M=28.8
    SB (t4,685) M=20.8
    Button (t4,600) M=20.4
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      M less than 10 ship that pocket pair... its probably 54% to 46 in your favour against a random hand... maybe less maybe more, didnt Pokerstove it oops saw it was limit... thats a tougher call... will wait for Dave the limit master to chime in
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        I'd just see the flop for cheap (I'm nowhere that great at limit). People, especially from the blinds will call almost anything preflop.

        If it was me, I see the flop as cheap as possible and see if you can get a 3. If you don't get one, you're going to be in trouble, as you'll have 4 overcards out there in the other players hands.

        It's alot tougher with small pairs in limit, since people will stay with more hands and you can't bet someone off of hardly anything.

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          It's never raise pre-flop in limit with this hand. You are getting no one out that was coming in anyways. Just create better odds for others. Alway limp in with these hands and pray you find your set. Limit is about drawing. You can't chase everything and get to where you are now. But, when you have the math. Draw...............



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            I would fold. If you limp and that LAG guy raises you're committed and then what? If I could get stacks in preflop I might limp-reraise if the LAG raises and get stacks in ASAP. Gimme a couple suited semi-connected cards as at least they have a chance of winning a multiway pot.

            It's alot tougher with small pairs in limit, since people will stay with more hands and you can't bet someone off of hardly anything.
            It's not just that. It's that your implied odds suck because of the betting caps. People always have odds to draw/call, so your c-bets will always get called and even if you do hit your set you can't get whole stacks in easily. Can't stack someone with top pair, etc. And bluffing the river when laying your opponent 12 to 1 odds is, well, yeah...and value bets on the river are pretty weak as well.
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