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Bad play or bad luck (or both)?

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  • Bad play or bad luck (or both)?

    Hi, lets try this It's a regular tournament, startin stack 3000, blinds are 25/50 I'm on the sb, with K 10 s, one raiser (150) one caller. I think I want to see the flop, so I call. And yes, flopped a flush. I decided I wanted too check raise. One reason for that is that I'm a little scared of the Ax s, so by seeing the other bet, I can get a read on that. The other reaon is for value (I don't want to chase evrybody away) Get two callers and the turn is an 8 different color. At this point I think I've got this hand, can't loose. So I bet 50% of the pot, so maybe I'll get someone to call. One caller, river a Q different color. And here my brain has allready gone on tilt. because I can't see how I can loose. So I'm allin, he calles and yes.....I loose...****,***,*****,*,*,****** (me pissed off and a lot of swearing) So now I'm thinking and thinking. Is this a hand I will always loose big time, or can I prevent this somehow? Because I cant't see me folding this hand on the river anymore. But I feel I get in a lot of these situations. I simply didn't think of a full house (that's a problem ) But if I thought about it should I have checked on the river? And another question is about mu betsizes. I don't kow exactly how much to bet at what moment. And I think that gets my in these kind of troubles. Feedback on this and on the hand in general would be nice.
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    preflop, no problems with your bets or seeing the flop.

    flop: you got lucky that they bet so you could raise them. I'd have led out with probably about a 1/2 pot bet.
    The only hands that should be calling you here are a big spade, Qx (with other being a card to make a straight with), two pair, a set, or a calling station.

    turn: no problems there.... honestly, I'd have probably pushed.

    river: scare card bigtime (although I'd have already had all my chips in).... having the board hit top pair, really makes me worry about a full house... but not thinking what they actually had, because they made a horrible play on the flop, as they should have mucked. I was waiting for them to show Q9s, Q8s or AQ, not 88.

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      Not thrilled with the check-raise. It should scare everyone away. Of course, donking would too most likely and at least you got them to put a little money in. I still would have donked the flop for about 450.

      You have to shove the turn. He's not aggressive enough to check-shove. The pot is 2/3 of your stack. If he has a set charge him to draw. If he has the ace, charge him to draw. If you take the pot down you have almost 6000 chips. No matter what you can never fold the river, so get your money in now. I thought he had 33 or 99. But he could some hands you beat. J8 suited, AQ, etc.
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        Ok, thx for the replies and the advice


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          to be honest- for me that is a fold preflop- with K 10-and a raise and a call ahead of you-- you are most likely dominated-by AK A 10, KQ etc.-even if you hit your top- what do you do -oop--?? i would prefer to call in that situation with mid suited connectors- or a PP--


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            IMHO - you should reraise more on the flop, you gave not so bad odds for hands like 99, 33 and AsQ and so on. And there were 3 opps at that moment.



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