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  • Aces on the button

    DouglasKozusko(MP) $83.09 - VP:24 PFR:5 AF:1.0 W:0| STL:25|50 3B:0| CB:|100 Hands:41

    Me(BTN) $30 - VP:30 PFR:19 AF:3.0 W:34|49 STL:53|57 3B:4|32 CB:75|54

    Pre Flop: Me(BTN) with [Ah,Ad]
    ChooseYourDelusion(MP) folds, DouglasKozusko(MP) calls 1, Boramir(MP) folds, monihog(MP) folds, winkleton(MP) folds, tingster(MP) folds, Me(BTN) raises 4, shoreoaks(SB) folds, tightlikeAtiger(BB) folds, DouglasKozusko(MP) calls 3

    The limp/call throws me off a little, but not enough to make ever fold aces here. I was playing short on this table and was trying not to get involved in too many pots. A c-bet would pretty much leave me committed so I decided that I was c-betting almost any flop and going to showdown.

    Flop: (5h,Qs,2s) (2 players)
    DouglasKozusko(EP) checks, Me(BTN) bets 7.12, DouglasKozusko(EP) calls 7.12

    I think committing myself pre-flop kept me from seeing the line he took here. I ranged him having queen-x, King-x, A-x or the flush draw. If it was the draw I figured any bet wouldn't get him off his hand if he calling two streets.

    Turn: 6d (2 players)
    DouglasKozusko(EP) checks, Me(BTN) bets 18.88, DouglasKozusko(EP) calls 18.88

    This is a blank for how I ranged and with less than a pot sized bet let I shipped it. Here's where my problem a lot of the problems I have as a newish player are turn decisions. Was this the right choice in this spot or was my mistake far before the turn?

    DouglasKozusko(MP) shows [4s,3s]
    Me(BTN) shows [Ah,Ad]
    DouglasKozusko(MP) wins 58
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    The villain played their hand horribly. Nothing wrong with your line. This is a bad beat post.


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      The limp/call throws me off a little, but not enough to make ever fold aces here.

      Me(BTN) $30 - VP:30 PFR:19 AF:3.0 W:34|49 STL:53|57 3B:4|32 CB:75|54
      ...I was playing short on this table and was trying not to get involved in too many pots
      Hmm? Those are pretty LAGgy stats.

      If you're playing short you should really have less cash on the table Around 20 BBs. The idea is to get it all in pre or on the flop. Preflop you should have raised more, flop you should pot it. Turn shove and yeah, you're busto but your opponent is playing a hand he really shouldn't be against a short-stacked aggressive player. When you're ranging him on the flop 34 should be in his range, and you should consider the possibility that he hit, but there are so many other hands that missed. This 6 hits hands like 56, 34, 66, and gives him something to continue with on a bunch of others. And by something to continue with I mean $$$ for you on average.

      If you were deeper-stacked, as you should be, you could bet the turn or check back for pot control with your one pair. But with such a short stack you played it fine.
      4 Time Bracelet Winner


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        I was playing small ball on another table before I switched tables



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          when you see a limp/call preflop, normally it'll mean two things. Either a small pair or a mid/low suited connector.
          With that, the flop really wouldn't have made me all that happy, because with 2 lower cards, they could easily have a set and be ahead or have 4 to a spade flush.

          It's really unlucky they hit the straight on you... it's in their range, but would not be what I'd initially think they'd have.

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            You see I hadn't really encountered limp calling all that much before so I really didn't know his range to do so. I'm a player who has played a lot of hand but never really was looking to get better until now so I've been studying up a lot and that helps thanks JW


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              That happened to me once in PSO - somebody was SUPER tight (VPIP 9%), raised with JJ in an earlier hand from early position, and this time they limped. And I had trip 5's and the only hand that hand me beat was the straight if villain had 86. (or 36 ... board was 45K7J or something like that, I ruled out KK ... they called all my raises, then check-raised me on the river)

              They had 86s!

              The person I was playing against was masking their hands really well, like conscious of how they came across. Not sure if maybe that's what was going on here, because that's pretty outside the box for somebody to call a raise with 34s, isn't it (with those stats)?

              I guess that's something to watch out for at the more advanced levels, eh? That you can never assume somebody won't deliberately play against type? I'd never really seen that before ...


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                Oh, you know what else was maybe going on - sometimes I fall into that trap of thinking a strong hand should be good. And then I'll dismiss the warning signs because like I can't accept that my AA's got beat by 52o or whatever - I'll KNOW they have me beat, and then still call because I've grown attached to my hand or whatever ...

                I'm hoping that'll wear off after my (hundred) thousandth losing call ... I feel like it's one of my biggest leaks. Hard sometimes to let hands go ...


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                  At the higher limits the regs will do this to you over and over.
                  If they pick up you are playing above your roll or lvl its easy to float against you.
                  One you will show weakness at some point when you start to doubt your hand and they can rep that.
                  Thats why it is bad to play so high that you stick out as a guy that will only play the nuts.

                  I used to stack off a lot against guys like this at the 10NL and this is the lvl you really first come across this.
                  The villain has a lot of outs and when you know a player is playing mainly high cards you can get involved with them by playing low cards like connectors and even one gapped suits cards.
                  Villain gets paid off more times doing this line than not,reason is he is more skilled at hand reading than you are and he knows this before you even enter the hand.

                  He knows you will stack if he hits the straight more than not and he can throw a small bet on the river if he hits the flush to get a hero call to pad his winrate.
                  I think I would have raised turn if I was villain though.

                  Im curious what happened on the river?

                  If you where playing with good bankroll management this would be a blip and you could make a note that he plays suited low connectors and move on.



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