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How would you guys play this qq on the button

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  • How would you guys play this qq on the button

    I feel like I should have just called the raise and see what would happen from there because Im out of position. And my reraise I feel was a big mistake. If I did reraise I should have just moved all in. After the flop I feel like I made an even bigger mistake betting on a flop like that because im out of position and he could of had a flush or trips or sometihng. How would you guys play this hand?
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    QQ is a bit of a risky hand. It's not all that much better than 22 against AK (which is often what you're up against here) because you're against two overcards, and of course flushes and straights favour the AK. I would have gone all in preflop to protect my hand and isolate; QQ is really much stronger heads up than not. But it's also kind of unavoidable. JJ maybe I would have let go here, but QQ? It would have to depend a lot on how the tournament is structured and where we are in it.

    You had twice his stack though, so really the preflop all in should have been fine. Sometimes you'll snag AQ here and that's obviously giving you much better odds.

    This was almost like slowplay, since there was basically no way you could throw away your QQ - you should only slowplay when you're essentially certain of winning; otherwise, you're giving your opponents free cards to improve.



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      Once you get the HJ all in, ship it pre. You want that MP player to be all in or out before you see the flop. Max value from your monster hand. Also, being out of position blows. Ship it, and position vanishes.

      You did have the option of 5-betting right?

      If you call the raise preflop here you're essentially set mining. If you think it will go heads-up I like just calling, to keep the pot small while out of position, and you have a very deceptive hand. With all those limpers if you call there's no way it's going heads-up though, so you have to raise.
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        if I was going to re-raise preflop, which I'd want to, I'd have probably shipped it..... because I'd want to try to eliminate one player and be heads-up with the QQ. The more that are in the pot, the better the odds one has an A or a K or other combo that can outdraw me.

        Your bet on the flop got the larger stack of the two to drop, so I think that was a good thing. If you're going to be all in with a ton of outs against you... better that it's the lower stack player instead of the higher stack.

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          Originally posted by pokerstar671 View Post
          After the flop I feel like I made an even bigger mistake betting on a flop like that because im out of position and he could of had a flush or trips or sometihng. How would you guys play this hand?
          just for future reference, it is impossible to flop trips on that board. he can flop a set, which is a pocket pair that hits 3 of a kind. trips requires a pair to come on board and having one card of that rank.


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            oh ok umbup: thanks all
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              There's that multi-way idea of playing for the main pot and/or the side pot - Dave and JD have brought it up before ... like if the person you know is straight has the smaller stack, but the person with the same-sized stack has limped in and likes to limp-call with stuff you know you're ahead of like AQo, then you can treat it like two separate hands? I read about that in somebody's book too - was it Phil Gordon's green book?

              Like an alternative might have been to do that 3bet, and then omg that limper called your massive raise ... they limped, then called a massive raise, but they didn't 4bet. So it's not likely AA or KK.

              So there's that idea of shoving to win the side-pot if you feel like you're ahead of person #3, by 5betting overtop the all-in short-stack - to get the limp-caller all-in in the hopes that if you don't win the multi-way hand, you hopefully can come in second? Like if the limp-caller had gone all in and QQ beats their hand, then the side pot would be worth around 6,000 or so?

              I guess that would have been pretty awful though if they wound up having 66-JJ, or a heart. Then they wind up with all your chips when they had the worst hand, and your out . But maybe it's such a big edge, you always want to try probably?

              Probably ideally it would have been better to shove pre if that would have worked to get the hand head to head - I guess that's always better, eh?


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                Preflop error, but good flop play

                As was said by so many others, I would have shipped it preflop too.

                But your flop play was excellent in my opinion. The odds of one of them having a made flush are very small, and you're the equity favorite against all flush draws.

                Your job is to get it in the middle when you're way ahead... which is the most probable case here, in my opinion. Don't kick yourself because someone got a bit lucky...happens (he had 2:1 odds on hitting that flush... so it will happen quite often even if you are a big favorite).



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