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Calling a pre flop shove with middle pair

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  • Calling a pre flop shove with middle pair

    Hello - again ,

    What do you reckon of this hand ? ..... my only concern is , should I be jamming first off or , making a sound raise with the intention of going all-in if called to do so - perhaps just a question of bottle for me to answer .

    The tourney was a $3000.00 guaranteed : 3333 entrants & only 358 players left . I feel it is fair to be heads up with 88's against KQs , but I need a little encouragement as to my optimal play for going forward .
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    Ship it pre. You have just over 8 BB's left. Never open limp, especially from UTG+1. umbup:


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      don't like the limp. From early position, you either need to raise or muck preflop.
      With only 8+BB left... I'd much rather push first than call someone else's all-in.

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        Originally posted by ssuglia View Post
        Ship it pre. You have just over 8 BB's left. Never open limp, especially from UTG+1. umbup:
        +1 ez shove pre when you open (from any position) squeakin' w/ only 8 bigs ..your money was goin' in anyway so better to put them on the need to chip up here so someone calling is not a bad thing and you might take it down w/o a got counterfeit here but ...dats poka!..... stack em high!...MT
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          That is the type of advice I was looking for .

          My decision was born from my early poker playing days (I only began this year) however , my strategy was always not to lose and I would even fold some +EV opportunities I was aware of , only to deny the opponent from potentially winning the hand with there reasonable chance - knowing I could drive further and might pick up a hand later on .

          Therefore as you seen , I was not brave enough . I realise I need to be tight/aggresive not tight/not so aggresive as my early poker playing was . I shall focus on aggresion in those positions in the future .


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            Stack size! You have about 8 BBs.

            When you get dealt your cards with 8BBs it's almost always a jam or fold depending on reads. 88 is an open shove for sure.

            There are hands you can be tricky with though. For example there are times where you can limp-shove AA and KK and times where you can limp-shove a hand like JT suited. You need reads for these plays though.

            Of course on 8 BBs, you really can't limp-shove. Limp-calling is possible though.

            If you know you have super-aggro players that will punish you for limping, limp-calling AA or KK as a trap can work. And you win more than just the blinds. Yes, you're taking some risks. You can find yourself in a limp pot, it might just fold around to the BB who checks because it's a suspicious play, etc. as well, if you do this your later shoves might not get as much respect because they think you're going to limp aces (so of course you shove AA next time). But that's why you need reads to make plays.

            Never open limp, especially from UTG+1
            This is highly read- and stack size-dependent. There are times where I will limp-reraise AA for value and times where I will limp-reraise T8 suited as a bluff. Not on 8 BBs though, hahaha.
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