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AK shove- 15BB.

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  • AK shove- 15BB.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    My reasoning to the above:

    I believe this is a standard preflop shove to double up. But I got three people calling me. So considering that I was UTG wiht 15BB should i have perhaps just raised 2.5bb and then folded? I would still have about 12bb left. Or was this a proper shove and It was just very unfortunate for three other people to call my shove?


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      There's no data in the replayer, but in general, shoving AK on 15 big blinds is a good play. You could raise smaller, but with the intent to call or reraise, not fold. AK is a strong hand and you can't afford to be leaking chips with only 15 big blinds.


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        It really depends on the format, what stage it is and the opposition Andrei.

        15bb shove when the blinds are 50/100, hari kari IMHO. I get the feeling you may have moved down from the level you usually play at.

        Stop Playing, reassess your game and put some time into learning. There are chinks in your armour that are being exploited.

        You are a good player, at a high level, but sometimes it is good to re-evaluate.

        I hope this helps,



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          k, thanks.


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            i don't see the hand either. It depends on where the blinds are, how many left, etc. as to whether it's a good play or not.

            Especially if it's still early, AK is a good hand, but it's not a made hand... you still only have A high... so you don't want to be pushing without hitting an A or K on the board. Mid/late in a tourney can be a different answer.

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              Can't see anything. Would need to know stack sizes, type of tournament, etc. In a MTT this is a super standard shove but in a small SnG, you can raise 2-2.5 BBs, because you want some action (preferably one person 3-betting I think). Depending on the blind level, other stack sizes, etc. my plan would be to raise to 2.4x and get it in ASAP. Or if I know there are some loose big stacks I would open ship and hope for the best.
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