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Rejkenberg vs Galic - Great Hand #6

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  • Rejkenberg vs Galic - Great Hand #6

    EPT 5 San Remo, April 2009. Dragan Galic (Croatia) is forced to a difficult decision by the aggressive and relentless play of Constant Rejkenberg (Netherlands). Galic seems almost annoyed at the Rejkenberg's tactics and vocalizes his feelings.

    Watch video here.

    Would you have acted the same way? What would you have done differently? Share your thoughts and feedback via this forum discussion about this hand.

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    With top pair and a flush draw, you have to see all the cards. Obviously, Galic picked up on something in the previous hands that the other player would be way too aggressive with nothing and bluff too often.... and he took advantage of it. The talk afterwards, while maybe a bit much, was (at least I think so) trying to put him on tilt... if you know an easy way to put another player on tilt and it's within the rules, no problem doing it.

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      This is my favorite one yet.
      This guy is obviously ticked about the way the dude has been playing.
      I wouldn't react the same way, but I'd likely say something to the effect of "thank-you" or "this should be a fun night."
      It may sound wrong to some..but this player is one of those that are so wreck-less, ... I can see why the guy is reacting this way. I just like to do it a bit more subtly, calmly.

      The turn should have been a raise when the flush draw was added..only because of the likelihood of the lag betting from behind on the flop to begin with.
      I can understand the hesitation on the river...great read. This is the type of hands you love to be in on, when you're in the zone.


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        Based on the commentators comments, the original raiser has been playing and raising a lot of pots. I would have reraised on the turn with the flush draw and top pair. The initial raise argues against a six here, so I would discount the river. It was a very good call, with top pair and a mediocre kicker, but he possibly had a read, or had just picked up the betting pattern.

        Either way, a very good hand to discuss. I agree Dan, my fav too!!
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          I don't like raising the turn. The guy is super aggro, but he's allowed to have a real hand too. Raising the turn after this sequence (bet/call flop, check/raise turn) shows too much strength, you're letting CR off the hook on his aggro-bluffs and charging yourself extra to draw when behind because a player like this is not likely folding better. And, as aggro as he is, are you prepared to stack off your top pair/no kicker + FD on the turn if he comes back over the top of your raise? I think the announcers got this one right, I call the turn.

          River call is automatic imo. The opponent is super aggro, capable barreling off as a bluff, and the flop was wet with flush and straight draws and all draws have missed.
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