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JJ 3bet fold to 4bet. Bad squeeze?

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  • JJ 3bet fold to 4bet. Bad squeeze?

    4better was playing playing tight aggressive so my JJ didn't seem good enough to 5bet. Other caller was never going to call the bet I made at his range. I definitely think I folded correctly. I'm just wondering if I should have put more money in on the 3bet or maybe even just flat call it instead?

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    JJ is too strong to 3-bet-fold. If you're gonna fold to a 4-bet here you might as well have 85 suited. I think you should either call or fold. You're out of position so it might be difficult to play this hand postflop, especially if you're against a good player. JJ has a ton of equity against even a TAG open from middle position though, so folding is probably a mistake.

    It's probably better to limit your squeezes to nuts or nothing type hands (AA, KK, AK, and trash especially suited) and to call with your good equity hands...since he's TAG and more likely to 4-bet or fold than to call.
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      If they were playing TAG they've most likely have a mid/upper pair, or AKs... either way, the best situation you are in is a coin flip... if you're not dominated.

      I'd have preferred just calling their bet and seeing the flop. If you're going to raise, then you should be calling their re-raise with a big pkt pair.
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        Thanks guys.

        Didn't think I would get that answer but it makes sense when I think about it.



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