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Flop top 2 played agressively to River

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  • Flop top 2 played agressively to River

    This hand from the current session. Very early at the table less than 30 hands so very little info on anyone, table seems quite tight in general very few limpers. Villain re-raises me by a very small amount so I call and flop top 2 pair. I firmly believe it's the best hand until evidence proves contrary so decide to bet solidly, and raise to 75% after villain min raises. on the flop only sets and 69 have me beat and I've discounted 69 from his range, he's not re-raising me pre with that. On the turn we get a T and he checks, a J9 also could beat me but again thats not likely for a raise pre so I ignore it and bet 66% this time. The river is where I think a good while, considering should I just check it down or bet again. In the end I decide to bet and given it would be more than half my remaining stack to bet half the pot I opt to put it all in. (My first impulse was to just check it down) I'm not sure about this move, is it wise or no? In hindsight there's only a couple of possibilities where the all in might have been good, perhaps he was slowplaying a set of 5's or 7's and figured me for KK or TT and layed it down, otherwise I had him beat all the way and he'd only call me with a better hand but with slim straight possibilities and no flush on board its really only sets than can get me. This point is bugging me a bit and I need to work out how to play these correctly to avoid costly mistakes. Thanks
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    I'd have put him on some sort of pair and think you were ahead from the flop on. Yes, he could have had a small set. Not hitting 4 to the straight is probably what saved you, as I'd have probably put them on 66 or 99 (outside chance of JJ or QQ).... the reason he's just calling your bets instead of raising you back, after the initial re-raise.

    Flopping 2 pair can be really tricky, as more often than not, there will be straights out there that can beat you. I like your thought process on them not having the straight from the flop, especially if it's been a tight table with not much limping. Reads like that will play alot into what you need to do in a hand like this.

    Personally, if you think you've got the best hand, I like the river bet. You only want to check it down if you think you're beat.

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