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Too loose a call? Saved by a kind flop?

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  • Too loose a call? Saved by a kind flop?

    Another hand from the current session, Limping behind with my suited connecter, raised by a min stack on the button. I call largely on a whim knowing its probably the wrong move. Intention is to fit or fold. 1st question, is the call too loose? Beyond that with the dream flop any thoughts on how the rest of the hand was played, basically from the flop onwards I'm only thinking about how to extract value while being a little wary of a 4th suit on board. Thanks

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    I don't really like calling such a huge raise from out of position. I also think you've invested too much to play fit or fold on the flop. If you think you can outplay the guy, calling is okay though. Could also 3-bet him and hope he doesn't 4-bet.

    On the flop I think you have to lead. You could be doing this with a naked K or Q of diamonds (whatever he doesn't have) or a hand like AQ, etc. You want to build a pot. Yes, there's risk of him folding, but if you check here intending to check-raise he can either check behind and allow a 4th diamond to hit the board (a terrible card for you as it will scare him if he doesn't have the heart and burn you if he does), a board pairing which could give him aces full to beat your flush, etc. If you bet here and he calls or raises you should be able to get your whole stack in by the river barring any scary cards. (I would bet around 70% of the pot)

    On the turn you make a tiny tiny bet (should have been more). He makes a tiny raise (should have been more). I think you should 3-bet here to like $6+ or just all in. With that minraise he probably likes his hand a lot. AA, AK, AK with a diamond, KK, are not unlikely and he will most likely call your shove!

    I'm only thinking about how to extract value while being a little wary of a 4th suit on board
    Checking and 1/4 pot bets are probably not the way to go then.
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