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Calling all in with Td 9d SnG

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  • Calling all in with Td 9d SnG

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    Calling all in with Td 9d SnG Hi! So this short stack has been fluctuating a little, pushing all in and stealing blinds when he's getting too low, so eventually I decide that, as the middle stack, after the big stack folds I should challenge him. Firstly this isn't a hand I would have played a few weeks ago but I'm trying to learn (perhaps a little slowly) from this site's SnG course. I think this hand was good enough to play in this situation but that's the first thing I'm not sure of. What I would like to find out is whether or not my play was correct, or if I should have folded, or, as I suspect, if I should have opened the betting rather than just calling his all in. Thankyou very much for your time!
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      I'm sorry but in an attempt to correct my atrocious grammar I think I've posted this topic 4 times. Really sorry mods, it's my first post here


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        info on your villain? tight? loose? passive? aggressive?
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          but it did wonders for your post count


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            whitout any info on ur villian, here's my take......9 man sitngo last 3 players.... villian has 8 bb, you call and get shoved on. with a hand like 10 high you would most certainly have to improve to win. depending on ur opponent, if he had been folding a lot of hands prior, (which judging from his stack, he probably was, and looking for something to make a stand with) this to me, is an ez fold after he shoves. give the short stack 1 blind, not 8. if. on the other hand, this villian was playing way too tight an all in (for him) raise (not call) might be in order here.even though he had you dominated here, odds are that he normally wouldn't, and 10/9s is not a terrible hand if you do get called. jmo for what i's worth.....stack em high! .......MT
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              Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
              but it did wonders for your post count
              I Thought He Had A Stutter


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                I'm assuming that you're already ITM (single tables, if that's what this is... pays 3 places).

                If so, you need to make any move that you can to accumulate chips to move into the top 2 or better yet, to win it.

                with the bigstack folding, you know that you won't go broke on this hand (if you lose, you'll be basically tied for 2nd). If you're going to play it, you're better off pushing first, instead of calling an all-in.

                9 10 dia against a random hand (which a shortstack would call with a very, very large range... especially if they've been stealing), has 54% hand equity. Unfortunately, you got unlucky and the shortstack had a hand that made you an underdog.

                I like playing it from the SB with the bigstack being out... but next time, I'd push first.

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                    Just ship it.

                    If you'll call a shove you might as well just shove here. If you limp you will usually get shoved on by a decent player. If he's very tight and passive you might limp with a speculative hand (though a raise would still be better most of the time.) If he's very aggressive you might limp with a monster expecting him to shove. If he was deeper and aggressive you could consider limp-shoving with some big suited connectors like T9 and monsters.

                    You're getting about 1.3 to 1 odds to call. This means you need to be about 43% against his range. If he's shoving more than about 40% then you're getting good odds....well, as far as chip EV goes... What about $EV? Assuming standard 50/30/20 structure, ICM gives us the following equities:

                    Fold: .344
                    Win: .385
                    Lose: .312

                    We need the probability of winning to be greater than (.344-.312)/(.385-.312)=44% for a call to be +EV. Since we already put in some money and with the dead money in the pot this value is very close to the standard pot odds we're getting. Again, as long as he's shoving more than about 40% of hands here, a call is +EV.

                    As I said though, I prefer to just shove it in to begin with. It's unexploitable to shove here. As long as you're under 22 BBs, you can show him your hand and push all your chips to the middle and have it be +EV. With 8 BB effective stacks you could shove 95 suited here unexploitably! (See this for the Sklansky/Chubukov numbers)
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                      Thanks everyone, you've given me excellent, fast, and detailed advice. Some of you have shown me that I'm on the right lines with hand value but didn't think to much about the actual way to play the hand. Oriholic on the other hand has proven to me that I need to do a lot more work, but I'm very happy to do that, so thank you very much for such detail.

                      Regards to me posting about a thousand topics/ me having a stutter :P I swear I was so nervous about even posting one of my hands that I wouldn't be trying such shenanigans :P

                      Cheers again


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                        One thing which may help you in these spots is:

                        Do not play AT ALL agaisnt a severe short stack unless you are willing to play for his entire stack.

                        As stated here, there are a lot of reasons to play the short stack with your hand (T9s) when you are in the SB and cannot go broke. Also as stated, you really want to be putting HIM to the decision if you've already decided your hand is "good enough" to risk being "forced" into a call; that means raising first to act, rather than limping.

                        Of course the fact the BB shortie had JJ means any raise commits you for the rest of his stack, and of course he IS going to shove that hand, but when you entered the pot you did not know that he held as powerful a hand as that. What you REALLY want to do is force himinto a tough spot for those times he holds something like J9o. A raise to around 450 or more pretty much tells him you are not folding if he shoves, so with a "guarenteed" showdown, he had best be pretty sure he has an edge...or he had be pretty willing to bust out in this spot right now (most of the time).

                        You gotta remember: if you are CALLING you have only 1 way to win (holding the best hand at showdown), but if you are betting or raising you can potentially get better hands to fold.
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