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AKo under the gun

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  • AKo under the gun

    As the title says I had AKo under the gun. I bet 4 times the big blind and had 2 callers. 1 caller was the big stack. I flopped an ace with 2 hearts so I bet the pot and both called. The turn came with another heart and I didn't have any hearts. I didn't know what to do at this point with a flush possibility. The big stack checked and I checked and the third bet. Big stack called and I folded. Did I make the right play or should I have gone all-in? Thanks.

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    Well, a more precises assessment can be made if you were to provide the table dynamic and how the players play? But based on only this information, you played this hand perfectly. When you got called preflop by two people and then both of them called your bet ( a pot size, and you're the preflop raiser, which is significant), this should indicate that they're either chasing, or have a set, in all other possible scenario's you are ahead. Once the turn comes and a player bets and you have another player calling, I would say that it's a pretty safe fold- with three people in the pot, you're hand isn't as strong. Perhaps a shove on the flop would also be a correct decision. This way, if someone is drawing he has to pay significantly, (-EV) and risk losing the tournament. If he has a set, well that was unfortunate, most of the time they don't flop a set. In your situation, you lost 33% of your stack, which is significant, so shoving, I believe, could also be an option.


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      I wasn't paying as close attention to the others play as I should have.


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        The problem with raising to 4 BBs preflop is that it carries little more fold equity than a smaller raise, but it bloats the pot. AK offsuit is rarely going to be more than a strong one pair hand so generally you want to keep pots small. You compound this issue with the overbet on the flop. You're building a large pot out of position with just a pair. Big pots are for big hands.

        I'd prefer to bet around 180 on the flop and shove if raised. I wouldn't mind getting all the money in on the flop. Flush draws as well as AJ and AQ (and even some pocket pairs like 77-TT) might be raising here in addition to the rare 34, 22 and 55. I just don't want to deal with a bad turn card. A flush card is bad because if he had a flush draw, you're dead. Of course it depends on the opponent. If you know the guy will never raise a draw or weaker ace here, it's an easy fold if he raises. If you know the guy would always trap a set it's an easy shove if he raises.

        That is, unless this is PSO. Way too early to go out on one pair and I'd probably just bet 180 and fold to any action.
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