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kk three strikes you out

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  • kk three strikes you out

    i have not played k k well so here are what the ks did today oh three ks your out
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    tough weekend lots of minus points to many games just hanging on

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    If you are not posting to ask a question about the play of your hand, or if you KNOW the answer to your question, then this really isnt the forum for these types of hands.

    You post 3 hands, in all of which you got a big protion of your stack in as a clear "favorite", and then do not ask any specific questions about your play...

    Seems to me these belong more in the bad beat forum if you are simply looking for sympathy.
    Double Bracelet Winner


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      just looking at that 1st hand you have a raise then a re-raise, you re raise again, a call then BB shoves all in and initial re raiser re jams also with a call before it gets back to you, i would of let the kings go there, you have to have at least the initial raiser/re-shove player on aces the way he has played them (granted he had KK too) his play stunk of aces to me though, then you have to think that some one may have AJ+ suited, all in all i think i would of let the K's go in the 1st hand.

      2nd hand i would of opened for more, maybe even open shoved.

      3rd hand the guy with 22 is betting into you from the get go surely your q with K kicker is behind, he could of had KK, AA, AQ all of which are beating you,

      i think it is just a case you got married to your hand paying no attention to the possible holdings of your opponents, a common mistake made by a lot of players here.

      it still amazes me how many players will consider their 1 pr better than anything else out there and never stop to think about what the other player may potentially have or be representing, yes there will be times when you get it right and chips go in ahead there will also be times when you get it wrong, i would rather fold and wait for a better spot where i'm HU with opponent, whilst you have chips you are still in the game

      all of the above is irrelevant if you are just playing for fun and not fussed about points and league standing, i only play the league to experiment different styles of play, points and standing don't make any difference to me although i do still try to play good poker, which is hard with players who do get married to their hands and refuse to hit the fold button.

      just try to remember you can't win every hand and yes bad beats happen but you also deal out your share of bad beats


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        thanks ,i seem to hesitate with AA ,KK ,QQ,seems the last few matches,7 now ,the lower hands have been hitting,and yes if i had held on to the points level ,i mayhave shoved sooner,seems when i play and try to get to the points the game becomes long and i believe it should be fun,and trying to use stategy taught here. sorry the same questtion should have been did i play this right ? well kings are strong and i should have gone higher on my intial bet playing a tight can be tough and when the hands are not coming i make bad mistakes,that why i am asking .


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          Originally posted by PLaws62 View Post
          seems when i play and try to get to the points the game becomes long
          My favorite games are those STT turbo 6-max, where you just can't win unless you're willing to play with a VPIP of like 35%. In contrast, the top players in POS seem to have a VPIP more like 10-15%. It's kind of a struggle for me to selectively not play ... and then yesterday I got bored and went off to make a pot of spaghetti sauce during PSO. I do love the action, but I kind of feel like maybe there's benefit to learning to not play? I feel like I want to learn that so I at least have that ability in my arsenal if ever I want to use it. I don't know ... I'll see how it goes PS Also, there's the free money umbup:



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