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i thought i did it right

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  • i thought i did it right

    played a few long league matches ,played some tough hands and hung on for the buble last match.thought hey lets try to get a good start with the ladies,and then couldnt play this one any different just mad im making a big minus
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    i hate queens and jacks

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    the thing I'd have done different is to raise more to open. Instead of min raising, you want to show the strength of your hand. I'd have opened with at least 450-600, if not pushing first.
    You absolutely should call any raise or push.

    Unfortunately, they hit an A.... but you wanted to be up against only 1 opponent and you wanted to get all your chips in ahead... and you're a 2-1 favorite against them preflop.

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      Think the one snag here is the button should be calling or shoving with a very wide range.
      I think a shove would isolate him most of the time unless the BB is running playing 55% or more preflop.

      I dont mind min betting if you know that some player in late position has been aggressive and will attack the weak play.Problem is he could just flat and then its up to how well you can hand read post flop.If you are still having trouble with hand reading post flop,I would shove this hand.

      If the table has been aggressive I wouldnt take the the above line and would lean towards just shoving.My reasoning for that is the Button should be calling a shove more than a minbet.
      Some players feel a minbet is trappy and will fold out most of their range,especially from a player in early position that has been playing say less than 20% of his hands.
      Your not as worried to go 3 way vs. a maniac since you only need to beat the maniac to come out ahead.
      I find it helps to tank a tad as well before you shove if you want a call,if you dont want a call snap shove.Its a little detail but I find the small things add up in the long run.


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        Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
        before you shove if you want a call,if you dont want a call snap shove
        omg ... I had a hand just like yours yesterday PLaws - KK against K8o, and their K made a flush.

        It kind of feels like the league has gotten harder now that there's fewer people, just because we all have reads on each other. Like there used to be this player I could always count on to call draws all the way down to the river, and now as soon as I bet they fold.

        And if you raise too big with that monster hand that only comes around once every hour, then nobody'll call. But then if you open the door to letting somebody see a flop, then they get that chance to make a better hand.

        But then in the next game, when I had the worst hand I called and hit a flush against all odds, so maybe it all balances out in the long-run? The negative points sure are a bummer though


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          Same same...

          You got in way ahead, and post this without askign any questions.

          Seems you want sympathy, not hand analysis.

          Please post hands liek this in the bad beat forum.
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