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2 WSOP Champions - Moneymaker vs Duhamel - Great Hand

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  • 2 WSOP Champions - Moneymaker vs Duhamel - Great Hand

    Watch the video of this great hand between Chris Moneymaker, 2003 WSOP Champion and current reigning WSOP Champion Jonathan Duhamel .

    Watch Video Here.

    Would you have acted the same way? What would you have done differently? Share your thoughts and feedback via this forum discussion about this hand.

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    Moneymaker is repping aces or kings and Duhamel has aces. He is clearly way ahead of Moneymaker here.
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      That's one hand that I think both of them played it very well. Moneymaker took a shot with the connectors to see the flop, decided to bluff at it and when pushed back, knew he was beat and folded. Duhamel bet just enough to get max value out of Moneymaker.

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        I think Moneymaker did a great job playing this hand. By representing a monster AA - JJ. It made Duhamel force Moneymaker off his hand. If Moneymaker didn't rep his hand so hard Duhamel may have only called his raise instead of 3 betting the flop, possibly allowing Chris to hit a J or 10 and feel like he was in the Lead. Good Hands by both players.


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          Here's some of the stuff about the hand I was able to catch from the video - I don't really know much about Chris and Jonathan's play the way I do Daniel and Vanessa because the latter two are on tv all the time. So I thought the commentary was really interesting. Kind of sounds like Chris and Jonathan play in the 'internet style' as they call it on tv sometimes (looser, more aggressive, more bluffy perhaps)? Blinds 200/400, ante 50, 7-handed ... pot is 950. Announcer says this is fairly loose, but the blinds blinds are going up pretty fast. UTG: folds Chris (UTG+1): raises 1025 (pot is 1975) MP: folds CO: folds Button: folds SB: folds Jonathan (BB): 3bets 3375 (pot is 4950) Chris: 2350 to call ... makes the call (pot is 7300) Pre-flop odds: 82% 18% Flop: Chris has position. Jonathan: c-bets 3150 (pot is 10,450) Announcer says Jonathan is keeping up the pressure, which is what he would do even if he didn't have a hand Chris: reraises to 8000 (pot is 18,450) Announcer says Chris just not a believer, and that the raise is very small and might be big enough to get Jonathan off complete air, but probably not AA Jonathan: 4,850 to call ... 3bets to 14,250 (pot is 29,550) Announcer says Jonathan's 3bet is small and that he seems to be trying to convince Chris that he's got nothing Chris: folds Post-flop odds: 98% 2% Chris at the end of the video was asking Jonathan to show him his hand, and Jonathan showed him one of his cards, and Chris was dying to know what the other one was, and he was thinking Jonathan could have been playing that way with another A or even just Kd. Announcer also noted during the video that they've played against each other before, like in the NBC Heads Up tourney. I didn't managed to catch anything about stack sizes or the other players. Thought maybe the table might be tight if none of them called, in which case JTo at a 7-handed table kind of might take on a bit of a different flavor?
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            I don't really like Chris' call of the 3b with JTo, in a vacuum it's pretty fishy. But they are not playing in a vacuum, there may be reads or history that leads Chris to believe he can use his position to win the hand on some flop textures when Duhamel misses. We don't know that though, so on the surface it just looks suspect to me.

            We don't know the stacks, but they should be relatively deep. This is level 6, and they start with 30K chips so the starting stack would be at 75bb's. But it's still tough to tell since 6 hours in they could be at 200 bb's now or 30 bb's. Anyway the action and the announcers saying nothing about stack sizes indicate it's deeper money still.

            Post flop I think Chris's raise is reasonable... this is one of those boards that misses a lot of Duhamel's range. The problem is he's not repping much except a flush draw. He's probably not raising monsters on this flop in position, and he's definitely not play middling pocket pairs this way. It's possible he might play QQ/JJ this way. The rest of his range is air.

            I love Duhamel's flop 3b, it looks like he may be leaving him self room to get away if Chris shoves (which of course we know he'll beat Chris into the pot). Flatting the raise and playing the turn out of position is going to be difficult, as aggro as Chris is you're kind of forced to check to him on the turn and allow him to barrel his bluffs, but then he has a free card option with draws. By 3 betting small and leaving an illusion of some fold equity, he's likely to get Chris to stack himself off with a draw right on the flop, alleviating that problem.

            I think Chris's flop raise was a one stop shop, and he does a good job of not getting sucked into making a move over the small 3b. Although I'm pretty sure having played with Chris before if he did have a diamond draw he's getting it in bad instead of folding thanks to Duhamel's nice set up.
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              I don`t get it! .. If one of us would have played 10Jo UTG .. everybody else would have said: "loose play" "bad play" "fish" etc. If Money does it, then it`s a great play ..Why ?
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                Originally posted by Comisar View Post
                I don`t get it! .. If one of us would have played 10Jo UTG .. everybody else would have said: "loose play" "bad play" "fish" etc. If Money does it, then it`s a great play ..Why ?
                Not everybody.

                Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
                I don't really like Chris' call of the 3b with JTo, in a vacuum it's pretty fishy.
                I'll clarify the rest of what I said about that play, which was that there may have been some mitigating factors that lead Chris to making the call which we don't know, but in general the play is suspect. To clarify though, much of those mitigating factors include things that would come up vs. a poor opponent, which Duhamel is anything but. So ultimately the call is most likely just fishy (Chris tends to do stuff like this in my experience).
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                  The point of playing JTo (apart from circumstantial factors like not having played a hand in a while etc) is to add deception to your game, to make yourself much harder to read/put on a range, and to possibly hit a great flop in such a way that your opponents will not be able to credit you with anything. For example, if the flop came 79Q, Moneymaker might've seen the turn, possibly hit a J or 8 and won a monster pot because JT utg+1 just doesn't seem likely.

                  Of course that's an unlikely situation, but against sophisticated opponents there is definitely a good case to be made for mixing things up sometimes.


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                    A set?

                    Why wouldn't Jonathan be afraid that Chris had a set on the flop with his raise? What made him think it was a bluff? Would Chris have bet bigger with a set?



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