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Did I play these hands right?

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  • Did I play these hands right?

    Hello all, this is actually my first post on here. I have done a lot of reading here to help me out with my game though, and I used to play on PokerStars up until black Friday. Now I'm on another site, but anyways, I played in 5 sit n gos earlier and felt that I played really well, but unfortunately I kept busting out in 4th which was hard to swallow.
    This first hand is the one that left me feeling a bit disgusted but maybe I played it wrong. We were 4-handed and the blinds were 200 and 400
    I had about 2500 chips I believe and the BB was short stack with about 1100 left after he posted the BB
    (sorry but unfortunately this site doesn't have a hand replayer, just text)

    minorityreport Posts Ante 25.00
    pulverloose Posts Ante 25.00
    warding Posts Ante 25.00
    HERO Posts Ante 25.00
    Dwilius Posts Ante 25.00
    pulverloose Posts SB 200.00
    warding Posts BB 400.00
    HERO Raised to 800.00
    Dwilius Folds
    minorityreport Folds
    pulverloose Folds
    warding All In 1184.00
    HERO Calls 784.00
    warding Shows
    HERO Shows
    warding Won 3493.00 from Pot 1 with Two Pair Sixes and Threes

    So I rase with A4 suited UTG, the 2 other players fold and it comes to the BB, who takes a really long time and then decides to shove all in. For a moment I felt like my hand would be dominated but this person had a wide range throughout the tourney and also the fact that he was shortstack made me decide to call. When I saw his hand (63o) I was pretty relieved. Unfortunately right off the bat they landed a 3 on the flop, and the turn came a 6. The flop did nothing for me and it left me in really bad shape in terms of chip count which pretty much ended my tourney. Did I raise too little?

    2nd hand different situation. I was small stack and on the BB.

    TheWhit14 Posts SB 75.00
    HERO Posts BB 150.00
    TaminLee Folds
    bingbong420 Folds
    Donikk Raised to 337.00
    TheWhit14 Folds
    HERO All In 1085.00
    Donikk Calls 898.00
    HERO Shows
    Donikk Shows
    HERO Out
    Donikk Won 2545.00 from Pot 1 with Three of a Kind Kings

    The person here was the Big Stack and kept raising with a variety of hands. I had AJo on the BB and sure enough he raised. I figured this would be the spot I chose to fire back with an All In (My stack was less than 10BB at this point) and he called. He reveals KQo and unfortunately he flopped trip Ks. Was I right to shove there?

    Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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    even if he is really loose, I would be folding A 4 to a reraise/shove.... its just too weak of a hand.. take the loss and wait for a better spot umbup: obviously he made a donkey play but still your hand in my opinion is to weak to be calling his jam second hand good shove, just unlucky
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      hey, thanks for the advice. I do understand that A4 is a weak hand. I normally wouldn't play that hand and I understand I picked the wrong time to play that hand. The other reason I called the all in was cause I felt pot committed at that point.
      as for the 2nd hand, that's what I keep telling myself, that it was the right play, just a bit frustrated with the results, haha



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        First hand is definitely either a shove or fold. You barely have more than the small stack. Since he has such a small stack he should be willing to call an all in with any two because of the huge odds. The question is how aggressive the other two players in between are. Will either of them put the small stack all in for you or will they give him a walk? If they will let him walk A4 suited is a shove. You will be the small stack if the BB takes the pot. AND you will be in the BB. Also, if they will call your shove wide this is a fold. You should have enough chips and thus fold equity to make them both fold and be way ahead of a random BB range, but it would help to have some reads. Remember your stack size. You have just 6 BBs and will have under 5 after posting. BB has under 3 BBs after posting.

        When he shoves you are totally committed to calling. You're getting about 3.5 to 1 odds. You are only getting bad odds against AA and NOTHING ELSE. And since you have an ace it makes it even less likely that he has two of them. AND if you can take out the short stack you will win some money for sure. You can never ever ever fold here. If it was a big stack a fold would be good, but you want to take risks to take out the small stack since taking him out guarantees you money and it gives you a decent stack to take on the bigger stacks post-bubble.

        For the second hand I would probably call the preflop raise and shove the flop. There's no way you can ever get out of this hand alive. It's a cooler. By waiting until the flop to shove you might be able to get a fold from a hand like 66 or some unpaired hand that could pair up or better by the river. By waiting until the flop you give the same odds that a shove preflop would, but with only two cards to come. Clearly he'd never fold trips here.
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          thanks once again for the advice. I'll be sure to keep this in mind!


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            I agree with the others. In the first one, you either need to immediately shove or fold. If you bet and get re-raised, you know you're behind.
            In the 2nd one, just bad luck (which will happen). You got your chips in from the shortstack as a favorite... that's all you can hope for.

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