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What do you think is more important?

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  • What do you think is more important?

    Do you think it's better to get your money in while you're ahead in a hand?
    Or it doesn't matter as long as you aren't risking your tournament life?

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    What prompted this line of thinking: recently I've been consoling myself that while I have not been making the money recently in live games... I'm almost always a favorite (usually 3:1 at least)

    At a game at a friends place last night... (all more experienced players than me... but I'm pretty dedicated to learning) ... we had a pretty good nine handed game going on.
    Deep stack 20k with starting blinds 50/50. Up every 20 mins (25 first 3 levels)

    I was the chip leader early on. Then arguably the most experienced player (We'll call him VILLAIN1; for later reference; who plays loose aggressive... perhaps even VERY to both of those) became the chip leader when his 79o flopped 78cc9s for two pair. He bet from SB and got raised - three all ins (two flopped a straight - one with an open ended straight flush draw; and one ace high flush draw)
    He ultimately called after humming and hawing (note - $20 buy in with up to 2 rebuys for 2 hours)
    This; I know for a fact; factors in to their decision making process.
    To resume. He flops the worst of it (except possibly the flush draw- which did hit on the turn)
    But rivers the 7 for the full house.

    Fast forward
    We are now 6 handed. I was the chip leader for the majority of the night with some minor variances as VILLAIN1 continued his up and down flux.
    I made a few marginal calls that had others all in with little risk to my stack or lead. Three ... all ahead ... all lost ... LoL

    Now for the main query:
    It's been about 5 hours of play.
    I have KJhh from SB. Blinds are 1500/3k no ante.
    UTG is VILLAIN1 who calls and it's then folded to me
    I make it 7500.
    I get called by the BB (who declared two hands ago that he's in a mood to call with anything)
    VILLAIN1 with the big stack (turns out it was only more than mine by 1k or so) also calls
    Total 3 people in the hand

    Flop Jc23dd. I c-bet 12500 fairly confident I have the best hand (but know there is danger)
    BB calls. V1 raises to 36k. Now he and I have history and it's no secret that he takes great pride in trying to outplay me. Very loose very aggressive
    (Earlier he check raised one of the lads with Q3o 'his hand' that completely missed... and showed and gloated)

    So in this spot I know that if he has an ace high flush draw; JJ; 2 pr; or some other strong holding he is going to call to try and get paid off by me and the other player in the hand.

    I know that if I call... he's going to shove on the turn no matter what hits 90% of the time.
    I am so confident that I am ahead that I go all in for 45k or so more he insta calls and flips over
    When he insta-called I thought he had AJ or 10J of diamonds
    I was kinda relieved to see that I was ahead (later found out I was only about a 4% favorite)

    ... What are the general thoughts here... if I fold to the raise I still have around 60k in ships (+/-)
    If I shove and he calls light and I win I have over half the chips in play and the most dangerous player at the table is all but gone. Then it's a straight shot to first place ... 95% of the time.
    Top 3 paid and I got nadda. I could have arguably even just blinded my way to second.
    .... Kinda weak


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      ** Moved **


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        Ah thanks TrumpinJoe. Sorry.


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          Since you're confident you have the best hand, which given the sequence it seems you should on this flop, then there should be no problem getting all in. The stack to pot ratio is under 2, I'm not folding KJ on a J32 board there.
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            Also I don't really like your preflop play. Your raise size is really small with a LAG limper already in, and a larger raise builds too big a pot out of position. And your stack is too deep to make shoving good (I think, can't tell exactly what the stacks are). So raising pre doesn't seem very attractive. And KJs is too strong to fold for 1500 more. So I would call and see a flop personally, and proceed from there.

            As played though, no problem getting the money in on the flop.
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