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TT with overcards on the flop.

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  • TT with overcards on the flop.

    So I'm playing a 15$ tournament with 27 players, and the payout is top 6 players. I'm at the final table now and I get myself in this situation. Everybody just got to the final table to I have no reads on my opponent. My thought process for this hand, went as follows: He raised 2bb so I'm thinking he has low pair or ace rag. I decide to call with the intention of shoving on the flop with no overcards. The flop comes with overcards so I check, he checks so I thought that he doesn't have top pair, so he could have ace rag or low pair. I decided to shove. Do you think I should have checked the turn and hopefully see a free river?
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    He raised 2bb so I'm thinking he has low pair or ace rag.
    Why? Why not a suited connector or KK? You really shouldn't be basing your bet sizing on the strength of your hand preflop as it turns your hand face up. Unless you know this player will play this way (you said no reads) there is no reason to think that.

    With 900 in the pot, I think you should just ship it pre. You might even get calls from smaller pairs, but most of the time I think you just take the pot down adding about 50% to your stack.

    You could either check or shove the flop. The turn is a terrible card. I'd just hope for a checkdown at this point. Maybe call a small bet on the river or turn your hand into a bluff if a good scary card comes on the river (3rd diamond). Really though you have NO IDEA where you are in the hand. Is your shove for value or a bluff? If value, what worse hands will call you? If bluff, what better hands can fold?
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      Thanks, I didn't ask those questions- '' if value, what worse hand will call, if bluff, what better hands can fold''.


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        If you think he has ace rag or a small pair, there really isn't much to be scared about w/ your hand so shoving all in doesn't protect your hand that much. However, whenever you get called you are probably in really bad shape in which case you were and you were drawing to 2 outs. you would have more reason to protect your hand if it was against a flush draw or possibly your opponent has 2 overcards or something like that.



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