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PSO Multiway Pot, After The Bubble

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  • PSO Multiway Pot, After The Bubble

    Mostly I've been avoiding multi-way pots because the math is so complicated (eg. JD's thread "situation to consider" ), and it always seems like anything can happen. Like you know how there's that rule of thumb that if there's a ton of people in the pot, top pair will rarely be the best hand? But here's a multi-way hand from PSO I played yesterday - I just had a really bad feeling I was behind the entire time. And then the flush hit on the river and I was so wishing I was in it! This was after the bubble when we were all 'in the money', so it didn't really 'matter' whether any of us won or went bust. But what if this had been a real tournament for money - you think this would have been a good place to take a chance (pre-flop, post-flop)? (I don't have a ton of experience playing post-bubble) Pre-flop odds: JJ: 36% 77: 17% 22: 13% Big Stack #1 (50% range): 16% Big Stack #2 (50% range): 16% Post-flop odds (better than I would have thought if I had stayed in the pot, and Big Stack #2 folded): JJ: 4% 77: 22% 22: 53% Big Stack #1: Folds Big Stack #2: Folds PS No reads - big stacks were playing a wide range, the rest of us seemed to be waiting for a decent hand to shove all-in.
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    I can't say this for sure, since I don't specialize at all in PSO league games, but I believe that post-bubble in league games plays pretty much like a typical MTT, so my advice here should be pretty accurate.

    77 with five big blinds preflop is a shoving hand. With five big blinds and very little to lose, you should ship any strong holding, as a general rule. This means any pair, any ace, most kings, and just about any suited connector or suited one-gap hand with a 7 or better. Or something like that. That's just my estimate of a good shoving range from your spot. If you bust out, then oh well, you played good and got points so yay! But if everyone folds or you manage to win, then you get a chance to make a final table run, and I believe that a first place finish can get you as many as 100 or so points. Calling preflop just gives you a bad situation to deal with, because someone's often going to go all-in on most flops. You don't have to deal with that problem if you get it in preflop.

    Congrats on the cash!


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      with 5BB left, if you're going to get into a hand, you need to shove first, don't limp.

      I'd have still called the bet on the flop in that situation, 5k into a 38k or more pot (if the others call). You have more equity in your hand than that percentage, so it should be a call.

      Also, since it's basically about all or nothing from now until the top 3, you need to seriously start building chips and being shortstacked, limping will not get that done.

      Shortstacked like you were, it's gotta either be a push or a fold, and I'm pushing.

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        Those guys said it, please stop limping on on a short stack.
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          Okay, I get it LOL LOL

          Thx everybody

          EDIT: I guess I just wasn't sure about the multi-way thing because don't ATC head-to-head almost always have better odds than dominated cards and pairs?

          Odds Head-To-Head:
          AKs: 69%
          72o: 30%

          72o (head to head) >>> 77 (multi-way)? Not sure ?
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            Run a few tests in an equity calculator and let us know what you find.
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              Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
              Run a few tests in an equity calculator and let us know what you find.
              Is that the same as the odds calculators, with the pot equity severely dimished with the addition of each additional person, especially dominated pairs? eg 77 in a 5-way pot (that includes JJ) has 17% pot equity; 72o in a 2-way pot (against any 2 overs) has 30%?
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