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    so when i first joined Poker School i posted a hand for an analysis it was AJ in early position and was told by numerous people that raising it there was a bad play, so i played it this way. the 2 villians of this hand have already had a couple of set toos as the biggest stack had only recently joined the table and had/was trying to throw his chipstack around and had won several uncontested pots, he had also lost 2 or 3, my reads on them were the more you pushed back at them the more likely they were to fold out, the other villian in BB seemed to be fairly solid player not playing alot of hands and don't think i had seen any of them go to showdown. i had been to showdown around 6 times on this table and won them all.

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    I am not a fan of open limping much, and particularly after the ante's kick in. 22.5 bb's is a bit much to open shove with AJ so I don't like that. That leaves raising standard or folding. Folding seems tight but it's not a bad option being in early position with AJ. Raising standard (which for me I'd go to about 875-950 and folding to a 3b if anyone comes over you would be ok (unless a LAG 3b's you, then I'd get all in with that player). I like raising better if the table is playing tight or conservative in general, and just folding if they're aggro.

    Open limping is not attractive. What was your plan if raised preflop? Play a raised pot out of position? Yuck. Limp-reraise? Yuck (you'll only get called when crushed).

    Hope you updated your player notes on the BB, you know he's not solid now as c/r and stacking off with top pair no kicker on this depth of money is pretty fishy.
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      I don't like limping AJ. At least it's suited, so you have that multi-way potential, but really with such a top-pair based hand, you want to narrow the field. Also, if anyone before the small blind enters the pot, you will be out of position, which is bad too. Discourage this by raising (or folding).

      The flop is a snap fold when maverick raises. It's quite dry and he's just check-raised two players. He has AJ crushed. Or at least he should.

      I think you should have bet the flop. You have top pair good kicker on a dry board. However with a check raise like that, just fold and save your chips for next time. Maybe you got bluffed, but it doesn't hurt you to fold here.
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