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Big $22 - Float w/ a Weak Ace, Villain w/ Weird Stats

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  • Big $22 - Float w/ a Weak Ace, Villain w/ Weird Stats

    Villain in this hand was running something around 20/6 at the time, if memory serves. Their VPIP from late position jumped to 45, but their PFR didn't seem to jump at all from those spots, only going up to 9 from the cutoff, and 18 from the button. I generally gave their opens respect, even their LP opens, just because I didn't understand what 20/6 overall, but 45/13 from LP means with respect to their opening range. Edit: In retrospect, this was only about ten hands into the tourney. I did find the villain's stats confusing for the whole time I was at the table because their PFR from LP remained very low relative to their VPIP, but at the time this hand occurred, I hadn't read too much into that yet. I'd like to hear what you guys think of this hand.
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    I'm generally folding weak aces preflop early in tournaments. I also don't like the float, random tourney donks don't understand stuff like pot controling on deep stacks, so they'll barrel more often, build pots with hands that don't warrent it more often, and are less floatable as a result. You can raise him off a miss right on the flop, but if you just call he'll often fire those same hands again on the turn. Until you have reads that a player is floatable, don't float them in tournies, as it doesn't work effectively on random mtt'ers.
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      Alright. I actually wasn't intentionally floating. I thought that between the liklihood that my ace high was good, the possibility of hitting backdoor hearts, and the chance that this guy might slow down on the turn, I could call and just reevaluate on the turn, which in retrospect might have been bad, if only because there really was nothing keeping the guy from double-barreling, and of couse ace high isn't all that great to call down with.

      And you've definitely got a point about folding preflop. This isn't my favourite hand to play early in tournaments, either.


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        I agree on the preflop fold. If I had a chance to make a str8 with my suited A, then I may try and see if I can hit the flop early. With no str8 being available and the only way to win is a flush, I'd muck it.

        If you hit an A, you may have had the best hand, but sure looks to me like they had a pkt pair.

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          Today I played against somebody who was so good at making you believe he had a real hand. Not sure how he did it.

          This player's raises don't really add up, do they? It's kind of like at first they tried to represent like a medium pocket pair like 99, TT. Then the Q hit and they either decided to represent a different hand, or they just lucked into top pr?

          Maybe they had KJo or something like that, but who knows. There was also somebody else at my table who kept raising post-flop every hand, and did it more like this 'villain' - not well like the other person, and we could all tell that he was just c-betting/bluffing. I guess it's free chips the next time you get in a hand with somebody who you can count on to raise, even when it's you that's got the top pair?

          I guess it's a real art representing hands that you don't really have, and making them believable - the two people at my table who were doing it were the two most active players, and the good representer had the biggest stack, and the obvious representer had the shortest.
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            Bluffing people out of pots is definitely an excellent skill that's difficult to build. Not totally sure that this guy has it. But who knows. I did fold.



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