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QK two pair vs 2 people

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  • QK two pair vs 2 people

    I was playing PSO and hit my two pair op the flop Did I play this good?

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    First off I don't like the flat call UTG.

    Did you have any reads on your opponents? If not I would have folded my KQ to the 4X raise as well.

    The flop puts you in real danger and in very difficult decision making position, with a raise and a call after your check i suspect the villians were holding pocket Js and Aces respectively.

    Maybe you won the hand but even if you did I think you played it badly with your position and holding. I would have folded right away.



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      Limping UTG is not good, and calling a raise out of position with KQ on 28bb effective is also not good. Honestly at a full table UTG this is probably just an open fold pre.

      I would have led right out on this flop, the board is very coordinated and draw heavy, not a good spot to go for a check-raise and your hand strength doesn't really warrant it.... as far as top 2 pair goes this is about as weak as you can get.

      I'm sure he lost the hand top, if he wasn't beat already the ace on the turn beat him.
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        Personally, that's a hand that I'm going to be alot more cautious with than most, especially early in a tourney.

        First, you limped from UTG... not a great idea. If you're going to play it from UTG, you should be raising to open. UTG+1 called your limp, which means they've probably got a speculative hand. The raise to 4BB since earlier in the tourney would get me to muck it because you're behind in the hand and not mucking it is where a big problem can start, especially here.

        Yes, you hit top 2 pair.... BUT.... with K Q 10 on the board, you could also very easily be beat. Anyone in the hand could easily have an A or a J or AJ(the current nuts). There also are two diamonds, so a diamond flush draw could be out there (would expect that possibly from UTG+1 that wanted to limp first, as suited cards would fit that play, especially when they push the flop).

        I could have easily have called the all-in from UTG+1, but I would not be pushing the original raiser to 4BB preflop, until I knew there wasn't an easy straight or flush out there..... and that's exactly what happens on the turn with the A. Now, you're beat by any J.

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          I see your point.
          Your totally right about this one.

          I lost this hand by someone having 10 10



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