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AK call an all in

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  • AK call an all in

    Don't know If I made the correct move, please advice.

    PokerStars Game #61206312739: Tournament #388153465, $1.00+$0.20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (100/200) - 2011/04/23 8:17:35 PT [2011/04/23 11:17:35 ET]
    Table '388153465 5' 9-max Seat #5 is the button
    Seat 1: FranciscoPto (2115 in chips)
    Seat 4: N7 Effect (5923 in chips)
    Seat 5: gregyboylove (8120 in chips)
    Seat 6: ElCabezom (3080 in chips)
    Seat 7: Vi_Koak (3838 in chips)
    Seat 8: andrei17731 (2721 in chips)
    Seat 9: BABOLAP (2580 in chips)
    FranciscoPto: posts the ante 25
    N7 Effect: posts the ante 25
    gregyboylove: posts the ante 25
    ElCabezom: posts the ante 25
    Vi_Koak: posts the ante 25
    andrei17731: posts the ante 25
    BABOLAP: posts the ante 25
    ElCabezom: posts small blind 100
    Vi_Koak: posts big blind 200
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to andrei17731 [Kd Ac]
    andrei17731: raises 300 to 500
    BABOLAP: folds
    FranciscoPto: folds
    N7 Effect: folds
    gregyboylove: calls 500
    ElCabezom: raises 2555 to 3055 and is all-in
    Vi_Koak: folds
    andrei17731: calls 2196 and is all-in
    gregyboylove: calls 2555
    *** FLOP *** [Ts Kh 8h]
    *** TURN *** [Ts Kh 8h] [7h]
    *** RIVER *** [Ts Kh 8h 7h] [5h]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***

  • #2
    This is a standard line, you have the odds to call vs PPs other than AA/KK, and have other hands dominated. You have a bit too much of a stack to open shove here and expect to get called by less then QQ+ AQ+, but someone with worse can certainly shove over you, so I like this play a lot with AK.

    When you call here there is a wider range you will be up against. I also like limp shoving if you know someone will raise in LP.


    • #3
      I agree with Arch on this one too. If you do not put your opponent on either AA or KK, then it's a must call, because they priced you into the pot (you get paid 3X on your $$).

      Don't know if you won the hand, but I'm calling this every time, unless I specifically put someone on AA or KK (which won't happen often).

      The only thing I'd have done different, is that your intital raise, I'd have made it 600 instead of 500 (3X the last bet). If you do the 3X consistantly, then you can set up a bluff with the same bet later in the tourney.
      Show the opponent a winning hand or two (if you have to) with the same raise and you can get a bluff to work later on with the same bet in the tourney.......... probably shouldn't have said that, as it may get me in trouble in the future when they re-instate PS in the USA, as it's something that's worked for me alot in the past live and online.

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        archide I don't understand the abbreviation for PP, and you said that I have the odds to call vs. PP, can you give me some numbers?

        JWK24, what do you mean by you get paid 3x on your money? can you provide sum numbers?


        • #5
          PP = Pocket Pair

          "3x an your money" is the equivalent of 3:1 odds or paying $100 to gain $300.


          • #6
            PPs = Pocket Pairs

            Odds vs 55 with AK are close to you're good to get it in considering the cost vs reward ratios (or pot odds).


            • #7
              Thank you for the post.
              Last edited by andrei17731; Sun Apr 24, 2011, 02:46 PM.


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                I mostly agree with arch. I think we can open shove and still get looser calls in a $1 game.
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