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Full Ring Turbo MTT - Tricky Commitment Issue w/ AA on Coordinated Board

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  • Full Ring Turbo MTT - Tricky Commitment Issue w/ AA on Coordinated Board

    Hi guys. Here's the latest of my rocks and hard places.

    It's pretty early in an $11 turbo, and I don't have much setup info. I've seen that this table is not tight though. It's pretty loose, and I'm thinking that there are quite a few pre-flop limpers and callers who generally overplay their hands. In this hand, I pick up aces, and make a large, more than pot-sized bet because I figure that I'm likely to get a station or two to come along, and I want to charge the max. I get more people that I expected to come along.

    The flop ended up being pretty coordinated. I decided to make a bet of over two-thirds the pot, in hopes of pricing out any flush draws, and in order to set myself up for a roughly pot-sized bet on the turn. Two people came to the turn with me, and the turn was not wonderful. It completed some two pairs, and a few straights, and I was stuck with a problem. Should I continue with my plan and jam the pot to price out flush draws, or should I check, because straights and two pairs will always call? Given the opponents I was up against, it was very conceivable that they both had draws. If even one had a straight draw, then my tournament life was getting snuffed pretty quick, had I decided to jam. I think that a best-case scenario for me here, in the case that I jammed, would have been if both of my opponents had flush draws. But I felt that I had to continue with my commitment plan and see the hand through. What do you guys think?

    No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 15/30 Blinds (9 handed) - Hold'em Manager Converter Tool from

    Panicky (MP3) (t3480)
    CO (t3000)
    Button (t2495)
    SB (t3245)
    BB (t2730)
    UTG (t2900)
    UTG+1 (t3225)
    MP1 (t2690)
    MP2 (t3385)

    Panicky's M: 77.33

    Preflop: Panicky is MP3 with A, A
    UTG calls t30, 1 fold, MP1 calls t30, MP2 calls t30, Panicky bets t180, 4 folds, UTG calls t150, MP1 calls t150, MP2 calls t150

    Flop: (t765) 9, 7, Q (4 players)
    UTG checks, MP1 checks, MP2 checks, Panicky bets t585, UTG calls t585, 1 fold, MP2 calls t585

    Turn: (t2520) 10 (3 players)
    UTG checks, MP2 checks
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    I like your reasoning for the preflop bet sizing but your bet actually isnt that big,its 30 over what is should be and I like to tack on a extra blind sometimes so people dont catch a bet sizing tell.
    Other side of that you bt 150 and some one might repop you thinking you are trying to isolate a fish.
    SInce its a turbo I tend to overbet a lot more than I would if it wasnt one.
    I always get a little sketchy when I see that many people call me preflop.

    Flop is interesting since it is UTG that called your raise first preflop and now again on the flop.
    MP2s range could be alot wider than UTG.
    AQ,KQ,QQ,maybe 99 not gonna give him credit for 77.Flush draws would be combos of Ace/King/jack/ten. Jack ten is unlikely and would be the bottom of that range.AK is only done by bad players or super tricky players,but mostly SO KJ,AJ,AT about all I can see.
    Let me write that out a little clearer:
    UTGs range:
    Unsuited hands -
    Suited hands-
    AJ,KJ and AT
    Just a rough gauge of the hands I could put him on.

    Mp2 Is most likely a draw and hoping to hit something.So need to dissect his range to much yet.

    Turn I fire one more bet and check the river if called.
    I dont mind getting my stack down to 2000 early but anything lower than that effects the way I play.
    So you have about 2620 and anything less than 1200 will smell weak.
    So for me that turns it into a jam or check down.

    Bit of a ramble..hope some of this makes sense.


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      It does make sense. I came to the same jam/check conclusion. I elected to jam in this spot because I figured that if either villain had a better hand than aces, they wouldn't let me check it down, and if they had draws, they'd want to check it down. I wanted to get the money in on the turn in case the other guys both had unmade draws. They might make bad calls, or they might fold, which wouldn't be all that bad. The only problem was the possibility of me being beat. I actually thought that I was beat here, but I also felt that I had committed to the hand and couldn't get away, and just had to shove, then tuck my head between my legs and hope not to bust.
      Last edited by PanickyPoker; Sat Apr 23, 2011, 02:32 AM.



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