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Playing flop against a lucky donk maniac. any other way to play it ?

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  • Playing flop against a lucky donk maniac. any other way to play it ?

    im pretty sure this should be in the bad beat section but instead of whining i want to know what u guys think about the hand. Is there any way i could have played better this hand ?

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    i really dont think its a bad beat-- you were set mining- button raise is -what- atc-- rellay I would 3 bet there- and try and take it preflop-- after that- well-- the clown is drawin to a 7 hi flush-- i do believe the mistake there is not 3 betting !!-- jmo-- gl - monk.....


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      Yes but what difference would that make ? i mean this stupid guy shoved with a 4 flush kicker 7 , i think he also would have called the 3 bet..


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        well- perhaps-- all things are dependent on reads-- if you felt that this silly person would call a 3-bet-- with atc-- then u must fold-- no??-- 55 does not flop well- set or die -- get me-?? and u did hit ure set-- but still died-- what i am saying is-- 9 of 10 u win that pot- but i do still believe- with a 3 bet-- he folds---
        Last edited by monkeyskunk4; Thu Apr 21, 2011, 11:00 PM. Reason: common sense


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          A 3-bet pre and a bigger raise on the flop...wouldn't change anything though.

          If you 3-bet pre would button fold, call or 4-bet? I expect that the button would 4-bet him here and I'd hate to be playing 55 for stacks against even the loosest range. I think it's better to call and keep the pot under control until you're sure you have the best of it. That flop is what you wanted, and you want all the money in the middle. You got that, now you have to hope your hand holds up as it should most of the time. He makes the flush, oh well. It happens. Most of the time you have a very nice double-up.

          On the flop I would raise to about $4, and since he only has a little more than that behind, you might as well check-raise all-in. Whatever you do, the minraise doesn't deny him odds to draw to the flush.
          Last edited by oriholic; Thu Apr 21, 2011, 11:05 PM.
          4 Time Bracelet Winner


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            ok ya-- oriholic-- agreed--- FOLD-------------------------------------------------- no way-- i want this fool at my table all day long---- take notes- rape-- rape -- rape-- 1 hand is not the way-- a session ion is-- !



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