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Difficult decision on the river what should i do ?

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  • Difficult decision on the river what should i do ?

    I know i shouldnt have called the flop, replaying this hand its obvious to me that, i dont know why i did that. Then im believe that my call preflop and after the turn are correct. My doubt is whether i should have called or not the river bet, despite the previous actions, no matter whether they were correct or not, my big question is what do u think about calling the river. I want to point out that i only saw this player for 8 hands previously so i had no major information about his game style, but i at the moment ranked him as a TAG but also willing to bluff an opponent out of the pot if he happened to have nothing... thanks in advantage!!
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    This is a good example on how ak can get you into trouble......i think you should have folded on the flop because it didnt hit you and your opp was you hit your k on the turn well big deal there was a flush and str draw on the board so you call like an idiot which you should not have been in the hand to begin with after the the river comes diamond folding was the correct move...stop over playing ak would be my advice to you..if the flop dont hit you and someone is firing at the pot just fold dont be an idiot and give your money away...


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      Preflop: I hope your are not always flatting with AKos,pretty much all I want to speak on that.
      Balancing is very important.

      To tell you the truth I am floating this flop as well.
      Usually it pays off when you hit and you have the Ace of diamonds to bluff the flush draw with.

      His bet sizing is a tell here.He bet 70% on the flop and now he is betting 71% on the turn.
      He has hit 70% and adjusted it.Why would he do that?Something to note to see if he did it again.
      I would lean to think he has something but the way the hand is playing makes me think the opposite,so something to note for next time.

      Now is the time you replay the hand in your head.Should make a point of practicing that anyways.
      Preflop he opened 3xbb and cbet flop and turn with a some what strong bet sizing.
      But he cant have a flush here to often because of the preflop raise.
      You have the Ace which means he could have KQ and thats about it.
      Any other combo would be really bad and if he did show up with that,you are getting your money back most of the time in the next few orbits as long is he doesnt hit and run.
      So I would write the flush off since he has shown strength right through the hand from the start.
      So did he flop the nuts again not likely Q9 97 are not usual raised hands.
      Trips are possible 88 TT JJ
      AK is possible and he is protecting his hand,seen that enough times.
      AQ is not likely to float unless it is suited and thats impossible.
      Based off of what you say,I would lean towards a call I think you will see QQ here alot of the time.
      They hold blockers to the straight and would be hard to put you on a flush.

      Im not mad either way you decide to play that river.You have the reads and its hard to get all that from one hand.Make sure to use the hand replayer when you sit in at fullring.Usually find some good stuff.

      Based on who it is and the history I have with him,I would be inclined to call since he is overly aggressive on wet boards like this one.


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        Cookies, I totally agree. When I saw the hand, I put him on trips or QQ.

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          thank you for taking your time to give such a complete answer. In retrospective i believe i could have called the bet, but i had a very strong feeling he had trips otherwise the bet sizing is just maniac. i was leaning to JJ and thats why i fold. Maybe i called the earlier rounds of betting since preflop i just called and a lot of people fire a cbet at the flop and if they cannot win the pot right there they cease to bet. maybe thats what i called on the flop. Then on the turn i had to call, and on the river... i idont know,, i really dont feel comfortable playing large pots. maybe i have to lower the stakes in order to make this risky moves.

          Thank you again



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