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could i of done anything different?

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  • could i of done anything different?

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    Please read the forum rules for posting a hand befor you post again,thanks.

    You could have gone allin preflop but on the flop you need to go allin.
    No ifs or buts once the pot is 30% of your stack and you have a decent holding you just get it in.
    As you can see you are looking at doubling your stack and you are ahead of everything but trips.


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      Could you have done anything different?

      Preflop, you should probably push. This tiny raise (not a minraise though, you actually chose that number) is terrible as it commits you to the pot, AND has no fold equity.

      Okay, so now you've miniraised...Since you will be first to act on the flop though, you can set up a go and go, and shove the rest of your chips in on the flop. The effect here is that now the opponent only gets to see two more cards, so the ~2 to 1 odds may not be enough to draw to a winning hand. So ship the flop you have top pair great kicker, and only a potsize bet remaining. Check-calling little baby bets allows hands like KQ, KJ, 89, etc. to draw at their own price.

      You played this way too passively. What did you were trapping with AQ? You have 11 BBs and there's a raise preflop, just ship it. If you want to do a stop-and-go or go-and-go, then push on the flop. Check-calling is not the way to go. This is very call-stationy. When the pot is already bigger than your stack, pot control doesn't really make sense. Just try to take the pot down. As they say, when you bet or raise you have two ways to win the pot...if you call you have to show down the best hand.
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        As they say, when you bet or raise you have two ways to win the pot...if you call you have to show down the best hand.
        Some times this is a bit overused. There are no hands you are going to get to fold on the flop when you push that beat you, and you are not going to fold this hand on that flop, so don't worry about pushing to fold worse hands, that doesn't make too much sense.

        If you've seen this guy bet bet bet. Then I like calling down here and shoving river. If they guy hit his ten, oh well AT was going to call your flop shove anyway.

        So keep your eyes open, think about the aggression level of opponents and how to maximize value.

        Some thoughts on shoving:

        Preflop Shove: You will get many worse hands to call, and be crushed by some. So think about how many people you need to fade to the money. If it's only a couple and they have fewer stacks this might be ok to min cash here. If you will have a significantly difficult chance to hit the money without chipping up, you need this pot and shove preflop.

        Shoving Flop: You will get called by every hand that beats you, and a few hands you beat. You will fold mostly hands you beat, so shoving here is for thin value because you narrow the margin of the hands you beat that you extract money from (but every hand which beats you remains in the pot). When you minraised preflop you committed yourself to any ace on the flop (due to stack sizes) so you really want to just think about how to get it all in by the river.



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