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i think i played this right

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  • i think i played this right

    i would like some feed back on it before i say how and why i played it in this manner. thanks.

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    My opinion...

    Personally I would have folded an A-10 off suit when the pot was raised pre-flop. You were in a late position. To me an A-10 is a dangerous hand and will probably lose more often than it will win. Then the flop: the A-10 did not hit anything so I would have only stayed in on a check around the board. Again, your hand did not really improve on the turn. Then on the river the only thing you had was A high with a lot of possibilities for losing the hand showing - I would have checked and folded on a raise. That is just my 2-1/2 cents worth.


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      Just to be clear,you are better off giving us your thought process when you post to keep things honest with yourself and others.The fresher the thinking the better,I tend to post hands a minute after they happen because it is fresh and the logic isnt thought over for a couple of hours.

      As for the hand......
      You may have a read on the short stack but its is a extremely risky play if anyone wakes up with a hand behind and decides to slowplay.You will lose chips here more than not.

      3 limpers before a raise that you decide to flat with 5 people yet to act behind you.
      Think of the hands these people are limping with when you flat,because you need really good post flop skills to pull this off.

      Orignal raiser cbets weak but not much else he can do in this spot.He is trying to make it look like a value bet but I find shorties will play pretty standard post flop.They bluff at the flop by making a absurdly small bet thats supposed to look like a value bet or they shove and hope no one has anything.
      So you should be thinking isolate if you have such a good read on this player.You will know if you
      can get him to call with atc or if he will shut down when raised.If you know he will shutdown than calling behind is fine as long as you can dump the hand when one of the other players bets/raise.

      Same as flop but you have to work out the other callers range,since he is calling as well.
      Not much to say here since you have decided to get to showdown by this point.

      I dont understand why you wouldnt put him all in?
      I would put the other caller on a draw or a weak hand by now and would isolate the shortstack and get him all in.Fight for those chips once you get to the river.

      This is a play you should be making seldom.
      Reason is you need to be able to read hands so well that you are dancing all over the table and can read what the whole table has.I only get that once in awhile and its never anything higher than the micros.So I would not make this play to often in the future for the following reasons.

      -You could be getting slow rolled by a better player
      -he could have a hand
      -one of the limpers could have a hand
      -he could river you
      -your hand reading is not advanced enough

      Please dont hold back information in the future it wastes every ones time that responds.


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        the reason i held back info was for the simple reason i guess it affects players/posters decisions and the way they answer.

        however i have notes on the 2 players that remain in the hand, the short stack is always raising suited cards no matter what the size of them are, they will always bet down to the river with nothing and like to chase their flushes, similar for the other player although he tended to chase more with an ace in his hand, i have observed this play from them on several occasions, meaning that i was 99.9% certain my ace 10 was good, i believe my reads and notes on these two players were correct, the fact i hit a pr of 10's on the river that also gave the other guy the straight i believe was unfortunate from my reads.

        9 times out of 10 i will fold ace 10 to a raise (even min raise) unless i have position at the table and then it depends on the notes i have of the player/s, stack sizes etc.


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          At every stage I'm thinking okay, here comes the float...and nothing! You never once try to bluff?!

          Calling preflop in position, okay, maybe you're thinking you can outplay a weak player post flop. Flop comes, checked around he weak-bets you call. Okay, call the flop to bluff the turn. Seems pretty standard...unfortunately a caller comes along, so he probably has something. Turn gives you a gutshot draw to the nut straight. Doesn't really matter though, he makes another tiny little bet. Just raise him all in and pray that the caller wasn't trapping.

          Next time fold it preflop.
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            first level of (I'm assuming) PSO league game , I would suggest sticking to premium hands like PP's or two pictures, as your always going to get donkey's that will play any crud hand, calling/making any bets, and coming out on top (this is a prime example for me).

            But having played the A10, I'm surprised you was still in to see the river, considering you could be up against a flush draw, straight draw, pair, two pair or a three of a kind, most of which could beat you even before you hit your pair.
            'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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              Originally posted by bashy27
              the reason i held back info was for the simple reason i guess it affects players/posters decisions and the way they answer.

              Hold back results for this reason, not reads. Try to give us all the information you have, reads, betting styles, hand ranges, etc.

              Anyhow, you say he will bet his draws..okay,...does he call his draws? Does he call big bets (bad odds) with his draws? If you raise him all in on the flop, will he call because he has a flush draw [and backdoor straight draw]? Does he play his made hands differently? How would he play AQ there? What about 10 9?
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