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Is it all the wrong play or the wrong ending?

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  • Is it all the wrong play or the wrong ending?

    Please help with this hand, am i doing the wrong call here? I keep getting kicked and pounded...
    Last edited by MoI_Je; Wed Apr 20, 2011, 07:45 PM. Reason: Trying to put the hand in replayer; it worked...

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    You didn't do much wrong. You went all with the best hand and got outdrawn. It happens sometimes.



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      Yes, you had the best hand.... BUT.....

      at that blind level, you are NOT ITM yet. Yes, you want to be building your chip stack, but you've got 41BB's now and you don't want to be risking your entire stack blind, without a made hand.
      If you had a 10BB or lower stack, then it's an instant call. With that big of a stack, at this point in the tourney, it's a muck because while it is a great had to draw to... it's still a draw as you don't have a pair or other made hand. Also, with that many BB's left, you will be able to find a better situation to get your chips into. You were a 75% favorite when the chips went in, which means that 25% of the time, you're KO'd from the tourney with it.... which is too much of a risk this early.

      His push with a non-suited A with a 3-gap between his cards was an awful move that got really, really lucky.

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        Like the other hand you posted today, this one devloves to what READ info do you have on this opponent? If you lack that info, fall back on what you DO know...

        Your opponent open raises an amount which puts you all in.
        You start with 42BB.
        Your hand is un-paired, so you are "behind" even 22.
        If he is un-paired, you have a pretty good chance of "dominating" him.
        How far are you form ITM, and what is the relation of your stack to the AVERAGE tourney stack?
        How does a "win" here effect your ability to cash, or to run deep?

        Since a loss here knocks you out, you REALLY want to recognize something aobut this guy's play before you elect to "stand" on a 42BB stack.

        If you do not recognize somethign in his play that tells your at least SOME of the time he will do this on un-paired cards, then you are probably better off FOLDING, and surviving to find a better spot.

        Things that would change this:

        1) You have 20BB or less
        2) You are significantly UNDER avg stack, and "need" chips to money.

        Hope it helps.
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          Thank you JDean
          And to all others too...


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            Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
            You were a 75% favorite when the chips went in, which means that 25% of the time, you're KO'd from the tourney with it.... which is too much of a risk this early.
            Whaaaaa?? So if you have KK and he shows you A10 you FOLD here??? Or if you have AK and he shows you he has 27 you fold??

            So how much history you got on this guy MoI? Have you seen him pushing all in with any ace, small pairs, etc. or just way way too often to not be ahead? This is not a bad hand to make a stand. What tournament is this? Is it a satellite, PSO, or a standard tourney where the payouts get significantly better as you approach the top? You should be trying to accumulate chips, not worrying about survival. While there's no reason to gamble a small pair or two big cards here most of the time, if he's pushing all in frequently, chances are your AK is ahead of his range. If he's pushing A10 off here, chances are he's been pushing quite a lot, and AK is a good hand to try to double up with. Of course AA and KK are better, but if he's pushing a lot of aces, you have his range dominated, and it's +EV for you.

            Remember, your goal is to win a tournament, not just to make the money. I'll take 50 early exits for one win every time as long as I'm getting my money in +EV.
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              It was an MTT 1+.10 (4k Guar)

              Tha guy came to my table and we played +/- 10 hands, from is play and the mucks i saw from him he was loose. When I called I knew I was in front by large... then i saw his cards and confirmed my feelling... the rest ... as you can see

              Ty for the opinion



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