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What is the best play in these situations?

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  • What is the best play in these situations?

    I do not think I played the hand wrong but I am wondering what is the correct play in these situations. It is a German freeroll and I have come up against the villain a few times. He is TAG and IMHO one of the few good players. If he goes all in he more than likely has a hand, although I have saw him once or twice play broadway cards or suited connectors aggressively preflop but when he goes all in he usually has the nuts. Now, when he went all in my spider sense was tinkling, my hud, which consists of little colour coded rings around each player was saying fold. I knew he had better then my Js and i needed to improve. Why did I not fold? Something in all I have learnt here says folding is a leak in this position with a premium hand. I had a similar experience with another player I have notes on. I had AK off suit (SB)and the flop comes (after a standard 3 bet by me preflop when everyone checked), A diamonds and two hearts. I bet half the pot, one player calls and the villian in the cutoff, reraises me all. I fold. He has KQ hearts and catches his heart on the turn and beats a set. After reflection I think it was the wrong play even though I stayed alive in the tourney. Sorry I have no hand history on this one. What is the correct play in these situations or should you trust your reads????? And is the advice different for cash, SNG and MTT Thanks in advance for the advice. TC TC
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    What point in the tournament is this? Is it a freeroll where you win a ticket (ie. satellite) or is there a nice prize for the top spots? Is it near or after the bubble? If so, it's possible this becomes a fold.

    Assuming it's a regular tournament, and you're not close to the money...

    If folded to in any position, JJ is a snap shove with 4 BBs. Even if a really tight player whose range here is JJ+, AQ+, AQs+ pushes, you're still 41.59% to win the hand. 3405/(3405+3405+1875)=39.2% of the pot. This is probably your best chance to more than double up. You gotta make this call...You have a premium hand. Can't fold with a stack size of 4BBs / M of 2. If you win you'll have 8600, or a little over 10BBs, which gives you some decent fold equity for your next few shoves you'll need to make.

    How did you get so low? Have you been sitting around waiting for a hand or did you just lose a big one? Hopefully it was the second. At this point you should be thinking about open-shoving almost anything if folded to and praying you get heads-up. Maybe top 70-80% of your hands. Anything suited or connected bigger than a 5, any paint, any pair obviously. You're desperate. Maybe some multitabler even has ticked the check/fold box.

    I can't help you with the AK hand without a lot more information. Stack sizes are extremely important. If under 10BBs, or there are some limpers or raisers in the pot and it adds a decent amount to your stack, you probably should shove pre. As played if your stack is less than 3x the pot on the flop, I think you should really be thinking whether you want to commit to the pot, and then choose between shove or check/fold or check/shove.

    What do you mean a 3-bet when everyone checked? A 3-bet is the same as a re-raise. Do you mean a 3x raise when the cutoff limped? I think you need to raise more since you'll be out of position. You'd like the hand over with preflop, and if you have to see a flop, you'd rather have it heads up, so try to get the BB out.

    Hope this helps.
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks for the reply Ori,

      I am in the money at this point to the value of about 4cents LOL, top prize about 30€, about 800 players left.

      I had lost calling A4 with AKsuited preflop about ten hands before this with the villain immediately to my right when I was in the cut off. My stack was bigger than his obviously about 25K.

      German MTTs have a different dynamic though and many will go all in with any Ace. From 10,000 players you are ITM after half an hour.

      The AK was early on in the same format, maybe 15 minutes in. Yes you are right I reraised the big blind when everyone else had checked.

      I suppose at this level the question is: is there any point on trying to have a read on opponents at all? Or is it just a matter of shoving when the hand looks good? I do not think table image accounts for anything in this type of tourney.

      I think I need to loosen up to get higher ITM but how loose?



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        I do not think I played the hand wrong but I am wondering what is the correct play in these situations

        Need to get away from this way of thinking. You can not be right and say that you want to know the correct play, and then later just say you don't think it was the right play.

        I looked up to the point where it was your turn to act. This is a snap call in pretty much every single possible scenario I can think of except if you are one spot from a big jump in pay (and only because you are not the shortest stack).

        But it would have to be like oriholic stated, you lose here you get nothing, once the next person drops you get a ticket. I would even begin to question that as a fold.

        4BBs left with an 800bb and you get shoved on by someone shoving 70% of their hands?

        If you say he's any good this guy's shoving range is prob even higher than 70% in this spot.


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          Thanks Archide,

          I am confused by the 70% though. this was the only time he shoved with me at the table. i was referring to my read on him from other tournies where we were at the same table.

          Unfortunately, my hud is just me.



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            I'm suggesting that a good player here with his stack is going to shove here a good majority of the time if you are on some sort of bubble.

            For you to call on the bubble you'll need to have a solid hand, and neither of the blinds are going to want to play for a large chunk of their stack.

            So if you're in a bubble situation (or one player from a ticket) it's as likely or more that a good solid player will shove pretty much any cards here knowing he's taking down the blinds and ante's a large % of the time and getting it in vs the short stacked player (you) some of the other time.


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              Understood Archide,

              Thanks a lot man.




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