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  • Oh stop it!

    Hello, After posting what I thought were bad beats yesterday (Getting beyond a joke!!!), I'm going to put up hands that may or may not be bad beats here before screaming 'Bad beat!'. Both of these are $0.25 45s. Only play two today. First tourny Secound tourny Closely followed by Guess that one's bleeding unlucky! Wouldn't mind if I could find lucky wins for me. In 70% of hands, that i played, I was in front pre-flop and very nearly all that I won, I was ahead at the flop. Not sure if I should be posting these here or under bad beats. Maybe there should be a 'Just whinning' section.

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    Hi Steve,

    I will try and be as constructive as possible and I will not go through each hand as they are littered with elementary mistakes and there are people, better qualified than I, to point them out.

    Do you take notes on players, do you range their hands, do you consider your table position, or do you just look at your holding and think "I will play with these"? I strongly suspect it is the latter.

    My advice is to go through all the courses and articles available on the site, even if you have already done so, and try and get a solid poker grounding. The Langolier live training videos are a goldmine. For the meantime do not play any poker that costs you money at all.

    I hope I don't sound too harsh or critical, because it is not meant that way. I am just trying to help you stop playing the way I once played myself and I can tell you it is a sure fire way to lose money and lots of it.



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      Hand #1:

      When an opponent is reluctant to fold to your bets, you must suspect he has SOMTHING.
      Here you have jsut top pair/5 kicker.
      You gotta be aware what your bets are doing to your stack in terms of "committment".
      You start with just over 2600, or around 17BB.
      Your flop bet puts you 3BB into the pot, or about 15% to 20% of your total stack. He calls.
      There are not a lot of draws to he seen here, so you MUST recognize that he may be on a better Q, or even a set.
      Your turn bet adds 3 more BB to the pot, and you are now above a "critical" 1/3rd committment threshold.

      If you have GOOD reason to beliee your Qx is good here, you are better served shipping this turn, than betting as you did.
      If you are reluctant to do that with just a 5 kicker, then you should have considered check/calling or check/folding the turn.

      By the river you are really in too deeply to want to fold.

      Hand #2:

      You are a bigger stack (31BB) at a short handed table.
      A short stack is in the blind.
      You open raise from the cut off, with a somewhat marginal hand.

      With your stack here, you are making yourself vulnerable to a re-steal by the 12BB button; if he shoves over you, you cannot really call.
      Of course if you have information that he will only do that with a "quality" hand, you have narowed his range significantly with your open raise.
      Same goes for the 20+BB stack in the SB.

      The key thing for you to note here is that your raise into the BB commits you to call if the BB shoves.
      Are you happy to do this versus his likely shove range when you hold A8o?
      if so, ou are fine. If not, this is too loose a raise.

      Realistically, you are late in a 45 man, with a very workable stack (I'm guessing you are 10 handed with 7 paid?).
      You do not necessarily NEED to "chase" 3k chip ups now, since you are well above the ITM average stack.
      This isn;t to say what you do is "wrong", since you CAN benefit from stacking the BB, but you really have to know you are not liekly to get away with this very often as a "steal" versus such a short stack.

      Your operative question then becomes: "I am 'behind' only about 13% of the hands, but a lot of the hands I am nominally 'ahead' of have pretty solid equity agaisnt me. How often will he call/shove me on an un-paired hand that has a 7 in it"?

      Versus a range that is as tight as any pp, any broadway holding (18%), you have jsut 41% or so equity.
      Adding in any Ace to his range still gives you just 47% equity.

      To me, with your chip stack already "built", without knowledge he will ship on significantly LESS than the 2 ranges above, you have no need whatsoever to "pressure" him as light as A8o.

      Hand #3:

      Standard "cooler".

      You arent limping (good).
      So your raise, plus the value of your hand, is "sticking" you to this pot, and rightly so.

      when he wakes up with AA, he isn;t doing anything else either.
      Double Bracelet Winner


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        Hello, First, thank you both for taking the time to reply. Topthecat, Thanks for trying to be constructive. I have and do keep reading/watching the articles/courses that are available on here. I've seen you typing away in at least one of the videos. Obviously I'm a slow learner, as posted hands show. Having said that, my game has improved lots. In the last month or two. I've managed to keep my ROI, in my fav $0.25 45s, somewhere between 75% and 100%. Dispite being in india (for the last three months) where disconnects and power cuts stopped me from playing large parts (maybe this helped) or even finishing many of the tournies. My trouble starts when i think it's time to move up the stakes. On the bright side I'll never lose a lot of money as I don't have any. JDean, #1 Looking back at It I have no idea what i was doing. I hope his vp was very high or i seen him bluffing lots. In all honesty I can not now remember. But the story is I should not have been playing/betting it the way I did. Been trying to stop my habbit of just scrapping in to the money, which may explain my over betting. Thankyou for the pointers. I hope my brain takes it on board. #2 was in fact the final table. I was prepared to fold to the two larger stacks, but more than happy to call the short stacked BB. I'm guessing the fact that we were already in the money makes this reasonable play? #3 Guess 'standard cooler' is another way of saying a right kick in the b******s. Tourney #3 of the day. This time a $1.20 18's. final table again. Don't think there's much to be said there. But was was this right..... Tourny #4 of the day. Back to $0.25 45's. Once again the final table.... Only thing that worried me were the two caller before, but surely i had to shove? Ok, time for tourney #5. Think i'll stick with the $0.25 games the way things are going. thanks again, Steve


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          Touney #5 $0.25 45's I know, risky shove with marginal hand and two bigger stacks still to play. And he was always going to call. Was ready for that. And i probability could have waited a little longer with my 10BB, but the villian was betting lots of hands. On seeing the hole cards I was happy (wouldn't anyone?) and thought I'd made a good call. Not for long! Oh well. #6 here I comeumbup:


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            Originally posted by steveisnot View Post

            #2 was in fact the final table. I was prepared to fold to the two larger stacks, but more than happy to call the short stacked BB. I'm guessing the fact that we were already in the money makes this reasonable play?
            If you have no real "read", then the A8o is a bit TOO risky to try "bullying" him here. 3k for you is too much (1/6th your stack) to feel comfortable losing here, and it "refreshes" his sack too greatly to make it really a "smart" play.

            Think of it like this:

            Even if you are AHEAD here, hands like KQ thru T9 still have about 40% to 45% chance to run you down.

            For comparison of this, if you held QQ and he held AKo, would you be "suriprised" he called? AKo will "run down" QQ about 43% of the time...

            when you combine the STRENGTH of your hand with the fact that his stack is so short he will stand on a very WIDE range (even if he thinks he is "behind"), you have to consider...

            "Do you REALLY "need" to race here to win his 3k?"

            Especially when it A) doubles him and puts him back into the "threat" category, and B) Moves you to the MIDDLE of the chip stack grouping?

            You'd be better served doing this if your kicker were STRONGER (MAYBE AJ/AT at worst), because then you remove a lot more of the hands from the 40% to 45% chance to run you down, and put them down to about 35%.

            Otherwise the "edge" ( if you even have an edge at all!) you have is too small to be worth the small benefit to your stack, at the risk of the negative things which occur form doubling him up.
            Double Bracelet Winner



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