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lost 2 races on the bounce, right plays?

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  • lost 2 races on the bounce, right plays?

    these are my stats for the game: During current Hold'em session you were dealt 57 hands and saw flop: - 5 out of 8 times while in big blind (62%) - 1 out of 8 times while in small blind (12%) - 8 out of 41 times in other positions (19%) - a total of 14 out of 57 (24%) Pots won at showdown - 4 of 7 (57%) Pots won without showdown - 7

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    both hands are coin-flips and if you're playing one of those hands, you want to be only against 1 other player.
    No problems with the first one at all.

    Not sure exactly what type of tourney format these are from. If it's a single table s&g that plays 3 places, you need chips and if you're going to play a mid-pair, you want to be isolated, so I'd have probably pushed first (although you'd have had the same outcome when they call you).

    If it would have been a 50-50 with 6 left (yours only had 5 left)... then I'd have considered mucking them preflop, since there's a stack lower than you... and the goal there is to be sure you're in the top 5.

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      it was a 9 seat SnG.

      the problem i am also starting to face is that no matter how much i fold early on and only show down with big hands, i still get little to no respect for the raises i put in.

      also when do you start opening your range up to include calling raises with marginal hands as i feel that may be part of my problem every time i go to showdown i have a big hand or PP (unless i was in BB and it got checked all the way)

      maybe today has just been one of those days, it is the sort of day that has me wondering why i started up online again, watching other players hitting runner runner, 1,2 and 3 outers against me all day, my only comfort is that i am getting chips in or calling all ins when i am ahead (even if only marginally ahead as in the 2 hands above)


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        exactly when to start opening up really depends on two things.

        1) how is the rest of the table playing.... loose or tight (if they're playing looser from the beginning, I'll normally sit back and wait for a premium hand... especially with low blinds and most/all of the people left). If they want to KO each other, then let them. However, if nobody's playing hands early (rare), then I'll open up some and try to stack a few chips that way.

        2) where are the blinds? Are they eating into your stack? When the blinds start to take a significant chunk of your stack away, then you need to be loosening up what hands to play.

        From hands like that... today's just one of those days.

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          1st hand:
          Playing 5 handed, your hand looks like a steal you're going to be in a good position post flop a lot of the time to make this call. The BTN has 8bbs left and needs to find a spot to shove here.

          The only consideration is that when you make this call if you lose this pot you are moving from 20bb play to 15bb play which will be a bit closer to shove/fold category. However, once you lead out and it's 525 to call 1475 pot in this specific spot it's well worth the call.

          2nd hand:
          I don't like the preflop raise here. You're turning your hand into a bluff preflop by leading with a raise. You commit yourself for all your chips in a spot you will not fold out better hands, and your equity is low vs calling ranges. You have 10bbs where you need to shove soon, and thus this is a shove/fold scenario.

          It depends on the two people to your left. If they are super tight you can shove ATC when it's your button to mitigate the loss of the blinds coming up. You can pass here. If they are laggy or willing to make light calls you need to shove this hand now.



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