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FLHE Pocket Aces - flop ace - lose

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  • FLHE Pocket Aces - flop ace - lose

    Alright, this was a frustrating one after also losing QQ. (yes I was lucky enough to get AA right after QQ, and unlucky enough to lose both :P) But i'd like some advice on this hand in particular. As you can see, I got AA and flopped trips. However, all 3 cards were of the same suit. I was aware of this right away, but it didn't entirely concern me - the odds were in my favor. Also, my read on the villain (and most of the table) was that they only ever raise if they have something good, but they RARELY fold. They almost always called when raised, regardless of what they had. So when it came to the river and another suited card came up, I knew i was at risk for a flush. I raised anyway and figured I'd fold if he raised - assuming he had the flush. I figured if he called, I'd beat him at the showdown, or that he'd fold thinking I also had the flush or something better. But nope, he called and I lost. I'm wondering if I made a bad play here and should have done something differently. Perhaps I should have folded - part of me didn't want to after getting AA and flopping an A, I admit, but I still felt like I should have pushed anyway.
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    That is a scary flop, but I agree that you have to bet it to see where you are. The only thing I'd have done different, but I will say that it would cost you the same $$$... is that I would have checked the river with the 4 diamonds on the board. Anyone out there calling your bets will have a diamond. Betting into them, it's really a bad play on their part, not to value raise your river bet.

    Chalk that one up to bad luck. AA and and A on the flop.... they are going to show me a better hand, before I fold.

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