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AQ early in $1.08 trubo Fifty50

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  • AQ early in $1.08 trubo Fifty50

    Another should I call?
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    The only hand I have observed "Woodqc" play was the previous hand just before this, he opened 3x from UTG+2 the player in the HJ 3b, Wood calls and ck/folds the 8 6 4 flop. When I get called by wood from UTG+1 I start thinking about hands he could be calling with and I come up with a range of 99-22,AQs-A7s,KTs+,QJs,AQo-A9o,KJo+, I figure he would 3b TT+, and AK. When I flop overs and a flush draw I C bet hoping to end matters right there, but figuring if he shoves I would have to call with my hands equity. So he shoves and after a bit of deliberation I make the call , I read the hand well because when he shoved I really did think he had a J and probably KJ (hoping without K of clubs) So I'm getting 1.9:1 for a huge chunk of my stack...I put this situation into poker stove and it says I'm a slight favorite to win this coin flip: AdQc 51.212% equity KsJh 48.788% equity Also put this situation into pokerstove vs his hand range and it says I have good equity as well: AhQc equity 57.406% 99-22,AQs-A7s,KTs+,QJs,AQo-A9o,KJo+ equity 42.594% So pokerstove says this was +EV but I'm skeptical given the structure of this tournament whether making that call for all those chips is really worth it?
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    I think your assessment of your equity on the flop is very good. After getting into this spot folding would have been a mistake facing a coinflip situation. If neither of your cards were a club a fold would have been better.

    A better play would have been to simply not play AQo UTG. You will very often run into better hands. Tighten up your starting hand ranges during the early stage of the SNG. Be patient and look for a better spot.


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      If I fold I'm left with 1460 29 bb's, if I call and lose I'm left with 750 15 bb's, if I call and win I've got 2845 56 bb's. If I call 1/2 the time I'll lose and be the short stack with blinds quickly moving up, 1/2 the time I'll win and be the big stack. But with 1/2 of the field cashing I don't think its a big mistake to not gamble and fold. What I'm trying to figure out is winning this pot to get the big stack worth taking the risk of crippling myself with the blind and payout structure of the turbo 50Fifity's

      I see your point about folding AQ pre here Rocker it's tough to play OOP. However It's hard fro me to fold it, I see AK, AQ, AJ I play these hands pretty much 100% of time if I'm first in.


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        Originally posted by PaidInFull6 View Post
        Also put this situation into pokerstove vs his hand range and it says I have good equity as well:
        AhQc equity 57.406%
        99-22,AQs-A7s,KTs+,QJs,AQo-A9o,KJo+ equity 42.594%
        Check your ranging. This was the range you put him on preflop. You need to seriously narrow his range at the decision point... you've c-bet a monotone board and he raised all in. stuff like 22, A9o etc aren't in his get it in range.
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