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  • Overpair

    Cant find villains stats. Was in daily 40? (the 11 dollar buy in)
    See that preflop is kinda big. Is for set. This situation comes up regularly though. On the flop it look quite good because you hold the overpair. How to go from there?

  • #2
    PP99 early position

    Hand in 4.40 180 men. Middle PP in early position are hard hands to play after flop. This one also goes multi way. Feel obliged to CB with overpair...


    • #3
      Villain, 21/7/4 on 90 hands


      • #4
        Roughly how many hands do you think you had on him?
        Under 30 or over 30?

        Daily 40k has a very slow blind structure and it attracts some good players for that buyin lvl.
        Setmining is way more common in these and so is tricky play.

        Only thing I would change about this hand is going allin on the flop if you are continuing with the play.Its 1/2 your stack and is to big to pass up on with a overpair.At the same time you want to knock any of those overcard hands off from getting proper odds to call.Once the first guy calls $1600 the others may tag along and you dont want that.

        Without much of a villian read this is the best I can give you.


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          Will see if we can get your two threads merged.
          I responded in the other one.


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            Okay found him...21/7/4 CBvsFold CB 100/40 over 90 hands.

            Do you know by the way that when I replay this hand in Holdem Manager with the stats of villain of I get his stats I had on that moment or that it also includes his later hands?

            All in on flop sound not bad idea when I decide to go for it. Im beat or ont in that case and might even get a draw hand to call.


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              Not familiar with Holdem Manager since I play on a Mac..
              Im sure some one else can help you out,but if its anything like my tracker you are seeing the stats lifetime against that player,unless filtered.


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                Any new ideas on the hand because of the stats of villain?


                • #9
                  I have to grind for a bit but I promise I will look at this before I head to bed.


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                    ** Merged duplicate threads **



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