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Losing Nerves and All-In Hands

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  • Losing Nerves and All-In Hands

    I have three hands here that I'd like help with. The first I'm unsure as to whether I could have held my nerve. He called behind, and insta-called the flop. I think he would have re-raised with AA, KK, but if he held a 6, 7, or K then I was dead. I though he had the 77's tbh. The other two were all in hands and my question is was I right to go in with these? The second all in (AA) is really whether I can risk everything with Aces everytime? I say yes, but will gladly take advice to the contrary. Quite honestly, I'm infuriated especially with the Aces especially as I was just gaining some luck. The so-called Magic River - funnily I never hit it. Not only that I'm sick of players knocking me out of tournaments that are clearly gambling, and it's always with stupid hands where they're well behind. It makes a mockery of putting in so much effort to learn, especially when I feel I don't ever benefit. Oh, and for IseeCookies - the buy-in for the hands shown below was $0.00+0 :-) I've ranted a hell of a lot here lately so I apologise, but I feel it's all completely justified. I'm just trying to become competent at something I like to do.

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    the first one sounds like AK or KQ, possibly KJ to me. He could have a 6 or 77, but I'd think it's probably the K that he hit. I'd have folded it when you did.
    (I had the same type of hand in the WSOP circuit yesterday but was KK without the pair on the board, but there was an A... had to muck, because out of the people calling my preflop raise, 3, someone had to have an A)

    2nd one is an easy muck. Ace/rag from UTG early in a tourney is an auto-fold. If you had a broadway draw or they were suited, then you could take a chance and 3-bet it (leaving you with enough chips left to fold it if you miss the flop), but with ace/rag, pushing is a bad play in that position with that many chips left. You've got plenty of time to get your chips into a better situation.

    3rd one. Like the 5-bet raise to try and get rid of the limpers and when you get pushed, it's an auto-call. You just got unlucky on that one and I'd always call it.

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      Ok, a couple of questions :

      * Is a raise out of the BB believable as a show of strength as it would be from similar early positions? Why would somebody call that (esp from a tight player) with KJ then call a bet on the flop with nothing? If you were in his position, would you do that knowingly behind with just KJ looking to flop a pair?

      * 2nd hand : I had just under 10BB UTG, a table playing very marginal hands, and only really two players who might call...with A9o shouldn't I be looking to gamble a little in that position? What if another spot never arrived, then I would be thinking the A9 looked pretty good.

      I always struggle with whether to shove with Ace high hands, and Im starting to think they're not great. Would you say in these shove or fold spots it's better to look towards lower ranked suited cards and connectors (both suited and not) rather than things like A9o where there isn't much you can hit?


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        A raise out of the BB is going to get called alot more than out of other positions. Calling it with KJ if they've already got chips in the pot is easy to see. The only way that I'd call the flop is if I had a read on a player that was playing very loose and could easily be bluffing at it (although with 2 over cards, alot of people will call it regardless).

        In the second one, especially if you know the table is playing marginal hands, you should be able to get your chips in before you get down to even 5BB (with no antes yet, you can see more hands). If there were antes or you had less chips, then you can take a chance, but especially if the table is playing marginal hands, you almost all of the time will be able to find a better spot.
        What I try to use on pushing with an A.... is to get it suited, or to get a possible straight draw too (avoid A6, A7, A8 or A9 if not suited). That way you have more possible outs to hit.

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          1st hand:
          Your preflop is fine but the flop is to weak.You inducing a bluff with that bet sizing or you have a small piece of the flop.Im betting 75-80% on the flop to take it down or at worst define his hand.
          Depending on reads Im leaning towards putting him allin.

          2nd hand:
          Is a easy fold for me.Look at all the shortstacks you have to go through.
          I know a lot of people think pushing UTG is better than pushing in the BB and I tend to do the opposite.Reason being that if you get called by a Early position,you are not looking good.
          In the Big Blind facing a Hijack,CO,Button raise you can put them on a wider range and call.
          You really dont need to be shoving because of the blinds this orbit either.Say you take the hand down are you really more ahead now?

          3rd Hand:
          Just a bad beat.Against a player that thinks this bet size will look like a steal to some of them.
          Bad play by villian,you played this one correctly.


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            So, 1st hand, you would be brave enough to say "I have two pair and am ahead" and bet on that basis? Does this work against a player who doesn't know about bet sizing and what that says? Or are they just thinking "hey I have more money in the pot when I hit my Ace or King"?

            And you would really be thinking about putting him all in? Are you even fearing a set here? Beware that I have no reads other than a lot of hands got played with no showdowns.

            I think maybe I tilted a little with the A9...either way short stack play is something Im working on and this will help it along.



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