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Analysis Please

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  • Analysis Please

    Last edited by Stakehorse75; Sat Apr 09, 2011, 06:26 AM.

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    Stake, it's easier if you start a new thread with each hand that you want evaluated.

    With the two hearts on the flop, you've got to be weary of a flush. You need to bet the flop to see where you're at, but I'd have made a bet about pot-sized. That way if another heart comes, you can still fold the hand and it will also cost anyone wanting to try and draw at them a sizable amount of chips. Once the 3rd heart hits, that has to be a red flag for you and you'd need to fold it to any sizable bet.

    I used to push hands like that in the same situations.... pushing too often like that too early will get you in trouble more than it will help (I've learned alot from here about playing after the flop, instead of pushing too much, too early in the hand). Learning to play hands like that to the end to see if there are easy draws that hit will improve your game alot (at least it has for me).
    Yes, you want and need to bet, but just not to push into a board that has draws that people will want to be playing (if they had 2 hearts, they have 9 outs... or more if K or A of hearts.... 9 gives them a 36% chance against you. If they have AK hearts, they have 15 outs on you and you're a 60-40 underdog when your chips went in)

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      Please post your hands in a new post in the hand analysis forum.
      Believe this sticky was just to test the replayer and let people now about it.


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        I raised preflop, bet all-in on the flop, where I was still good, and he was still drawing, his only draw was to a 4.5-1 flush draw, so I bet all in, not giving pot odds, or implied odds. He loses 3.5/4.5 times, no? Have the books deceived me?
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          Originally posted by pokerstar671
          did i post this in the right place?
          It's easier if you start a new thread for each hand.

          If this hand is from a PSO tourney, then you are not yet to the $$ and first goal is to get into the money (and you should have had plenty of chips to get you there by only playing premium hands).
          At this point of a tourney, it's way too early to be playing any 2 suited card from UTG. If you are going to get into a hand from UTG, it's a good idea to 3-bet... but... since you can't make a straight from your suited cards, it's best to muck them in this situation. If you had KQ, QJ, etc... then it's riskier, but you have the stacksize to play a hand of them and if you lose or don't connect on the flop, you can fold and still have plenty of chips to make the $$.

          Getting multiple calls on your 3-bet before the flop means that you're more than likely WAY behind in the hand. People in mid-late position that would call your 3-bet will probably have a pair or an A with another high card (you're behind any A on the flop). The blinds could call that easily if they're priced in... on a wide range of cards too.

          It's unlucky that someone had the same suited K to your suited Q.... but you really should have folded this from the beginning.

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            ** Moved to standalone thread **



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