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Could I have gotten more value?

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  • Could I have gotten more value?

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    The fact you made it to the river on a board like that tells you thats the best your going to get.
    If it wasnt a 7 of diamonds but a 7 of clubs you might get called by a King rag hand.

    When a board pairs every one tightens up,you got a flush draw as well.Very scary board.


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      Highly doubtful.

      Your 77 is not very likely to be good here if you bet any time before the river. Sure, you could have "bluffed" this hand prior to the river and gotten more chips in, but those chips going in mean you HAVE to spike a 2 outter (most likely) to win if called; so without "knowing" you will be hitting that 2 outter any bet before the riv is pretty risky.

      On the river, You are 2nd to last to act in this hand. If you check, the guy behind is checking most all hands you beat (except maybe a flush). This means since no one showed any "interest" in this pot, the only thing YOU can do to get value from your rivered boat is bet small enough for less to call, and not so large that only Bigger slow plays can call. Your half pot bet looks just about perfect for that...

      The only way you are getting more value in this one then is if an opponent makes a severe "mistake" by thinking you are bluffing that river. You cannot control THEIR mistakes though, only yours.

      So I'd say you did about all you could.
      Double Bracelet Winner


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          Thanks JDean. My concern was whether I should have bet the turn since nobody showed interest on the flop, even though I didn't know if the guy behind me had a queen. I reasoned if he had the queen and raised me, I would fold and have lost more than by checking.


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            Great input. Thanks Cookies!



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