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Extract more value? 2.20 rebuy, 500 cap

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  • Extract more value? 2.20 rebuy, 500 cap

    Villain is playing 40/13 over 100 hands. After turn bet and call I put him on draw. Should I check river to induce bluff (for missed flush draw) or just make a value bet in case he made the spade flush?

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    If your confident in your read that he was drawing, then betting the river accomplishes nothing. A check is a good idea because it will look very weak. It makes you look scared. He won't really be putting you on an 8, and might even assume you just have overcards. Very possible he might try a big bluff with a missed draw trying to represent the 8.

    If you are unsure with your read it is better to go ahead and bet. He might have missed his draw, but could also have been calling you down with a medium overpair or slowplaying a small set that you sucked out on.

    I don't know what those numbers mean as I don't use HUD's. If the guy is a call station just value bet the river every time regardless of your read. If he is loose/passive lean a little more towards value betting the river, and if he is tight/aggressive lean towards inducing a bluff.


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      The stats are actually pretty helpful here.
      40 is the vpip which is voluntarily put in in pot.
      13 is the amount of times he raised preflop.

      Bet 60% of pot on flop,villian will either fold or call.He calls you can put him on that flush draw and take him to town on the turn 80% of pot.River is read based and can be checked or bet depending on what you feel.Chances of him having a piece of the board are slim though.



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