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Heads up hand early in 500 cap 2.20 rebuy

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  • Heads up hand early in 500 cap 2.20 rebuy

    I had maybe 25 hand of villain, his stats were 20/5 but not much I could base any read on. Hand thus boils down making decision based on the play of the hand.

    Usually early in these kind of tournaments I avoid playing in the blinds but wit a limper i reraise my hand. Does not look great on flop so i check behind. I hit the turn, call and reraise him on river as a semi bluff. Loose a big pot in the end. Is it 'just' the river that I screw up? Simply call would have saved me lots of chips. Could i make someone fold that hand with that play?

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    The villian is passive preflop going off your stats,do you have his fold to 3bet stats?
    If he is folding most of the time you now have a hint that something is up.
    I dont like making this play with K6os its a really weak hand if you do hit a king,you could be in for some trouble.

    He checks to you and it is a pretty dry board,so you want to cbet this or give up on the hand.
    You choose to give up which isnt bad,since your cards are pretty weak.So fold this type of hand preflop.

    He bets 75% of pot 362 pot divided by his bet 271. So 362:271 =75%
    Thats a pretty strong bet which means he had something preflop or hit that ten most of the time.
    Your six is no good unless this is a complete spewtard player,but his stats dont seem to show that.
    What was his aggression percentage?Good to look at that as well.
    I fold here,since he is firing river and it will be anywhere from 50-80% of pot and its just crazy calling that with 2nd pair against some one showing aggression.

    You did not rep a flush draw at any point in this hand and people tend not to believe runner runner flush draws,so its a bad spot to bluff.You didnt rep the ten on the flop or the turn because you just flatted his bet.Anyone with a ten like KT or AT would be raising to scare out any over cards landing on the river.Since the flop was dry he doesnt have to much to be scared of by calling you on the river.


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      The number of hands is really to low to address those stats you refer to. It would be good to look at when I have more hands so that is noted.. It would not as fold to 3b though? He limps and I raise preflop... that's not fold to 3b is it?

      Apart from that I made multiple mistakes on multiple streets. What I tend to do in specific cases however is failing to give villains credit in certain spots. So you make easy chips in many cases, making you think that everyone is a noob. Not giving respect to someone's play in other spots makes me the noob however and is a costly business. That is one of the most important and maybe easiest leaks to take out of my game. I will therefore post many of them just to hear im an idiot



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