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AA early in PSO

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  • AA early in PSO

    Should I have played this hand? Situation is 7 minutes into the PSO, over 1100 players still remain. I didn't want to risk my stack fourway with AA. Is that wrong? only have 2 hand the all-in, and 2 hands on the 1st caller. Have 176 hands in PT3 on Bigboyal the last caller. His numbers are VPIP 5% PFR 0%
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    I like your fold, I'm interested to see what others think though.


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      It's way too early in the month and your score is way too low to even consider folding AA preflop. If you're over 1800 points then you have a decision to make, if you're over 1870 it's a clear fold, but under 1700 points you should get every chip in the middle as fast as you can. So what if you lose 50% of the time, you can get those points back with half an ITM. Getting a big stack here increases your chances of making ITM tremendously.
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        I think you should look at it with a little more broader a picture.
        Yes you may get a bad beat against one of these players but you are risking a chance to get your stack up to 6k which is guaranteed 33+ points if you play nitty from that hand in.
        Its also early in the month like oriholic states,so the risk of ruin is less than if it was at the end of the month.I still have a hard time folding AA at the end of the month and may be the reason I yo-yo.

        You are presuming that you can sit back and catch a hand HU against a fish later on and we all know you can go a whole tourney and not see a hand.If thats the case you get about 1/2 way and still need to double up 2 times to pass the bubble at least.So all in all I think you should be calling in this hand if you get donked you can come back and scream at the idiot that told you to push early with AA.

        As long as you understand it is a automatic in any other format(excluding Satelites and bubble play).One other spot I might fold AA is down to 3 players at a final table.
        You are facing a shortstack and a competant midstack that is waiting for the shortstack to bust before he opens up his play.The shortstack shoves and I fold to keep him alive to punish the other player as he waits for the shortstack to bust.Pretty much the only time I am folding AA.


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          Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
          You are presuming that you can sit back and catch a hand HU against a fish later on.
          That's reminds me of the story about the guy who is standing on the roof of his house as the water is rising during a terrible flood. A guy comes by in a rowboat and beckons him to get in, but the man who is quite religious says no thanks, the Lord will save me. Later with the water at the top of his roof another boat comes by again beckoning him to get in. Again, he replies that he has faith in the Lord and the Lord shall save him. Finally as the water continues to rise a rescue helicopter spots him and tries to make rescue. Steadfast he declines, saying the Lord will save him. He drowns, proceeds to heaven and meets God. "Lord," he says, "I put my faith in you, why didn't you save me?" And God responds "I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter".
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            Late month, if this bust will push you out of a cash spot to a lower cash spot, I can see folding.

            That situation is analogous to paying your entire BR to play the WSOP, and staking your "life" on the first hand. The loss is too "significant" to you for you to be comfortable with a bust...

            Any other time this is WAY too nitty...

            It is uber hard to find chip up's in the pso without some pretty stout risk. You have the pre flop nut hand. Versus even an UBER TIGHT range for all these players of 3% (AA-JJ, AKo/AKs) you hold about 62.7% equity versus the FIELD. That equity if not for a mere double up, but a QUADRUPLE UP...

            You cannot pass that up if there is a lot of PSO "month" left to recover your score.

            (Interesting side note: versus 3 x RANDOM hand ranges, your equity is actually only about 61.5%. Go figure!)
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              Thanks for the reply's. Good points about it being early in the month, I wasn't considering monthly and that there is plenty of time left to make up negative points, I was just considering this tourny and its way to early in this tournament to risk getting busted for a large negative point total. I guess I'm an uber nit.

              I was surprised by the lack of strength in the hand that BIGBOYAL called with though. His stats indicate to me he would not call with such a weak hand. I guess he figured the two players before him to be on high cards and he was looking to catch a small flop against them.



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