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playing 2 pair on a flush flop

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  • playing 2 pair on a flush flop

    what is the basic play for playing a flopped 2 pair on a "flush" flop?

    My latest hand, (was on another site so i have no replayer), i had 84os in BB with the blinds at 200/100.

    there were 5 players left. 3 of us in. on the flop. the EP player seemed tight and the late position player on the button was a little more loose and played alot of hands.

    the flop comes Kd8d4d. i got all in with @ 9 BB with them escalating within the next couple hands. the EP folds and the LP calls as he lucked out and flopped the flush. easy call for him.

    with a board like this should i have checked? or min bet? i know i was dead either way but there is no way to know that a flopped flush was there.

    Was it the right play at this stage of the SNG?

    What would be the best play to make if this same type of situation were to arise earlier in a SNG or tourney? Is it best to min bet or check as another diamond is possible on the other 2 streets?

    I pushed all in to try and get any draw to fold is what my thought the blind situation.


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    Mike, shoving 1800 to win 600 is unnecessary as you'll only get called when beat or possibly by high equity hands like top pair+FD. That's about all I can answer as the information is too incomplete (still post the hand history even if you can't use the pso replayer). Standard pay 9 man sng? Other stack sizes? Etc.

    Also not sure on your read, EP seems tight but in this hand limped in from UTG 5 handed? That's pretty terrible and not real tight.
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      im not real good at this hand history stuff.

      i guess i always thought to push on any hand with @5 BB. i usually use this as a guide.

      That was my thinking there as i figured it was now or never.

      IF i remember correctly the late position had at least double my stack and the Early position had less than my stack.

      Ill just check them down as there are too many variables to get beat.



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