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J,J- could I have played this better or did I just get donked twice in one hand?

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  • J,J- could I have played this better or did I just get donked twice in one hand?

    OK, I'll be the first to say I don't play perfect poker and have room for improvement. Should I have come harder with J,J or is a bad player going to call anyways?

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    Obviously both these players seem so determined to punt their stacks I'd think they're calling no matter what you do.

    As a general rule on level 1 of a normal structure tournament I'm usually not raising JJ, I'm usually looking to take a more pot control line with it and keep the pot small, so I would likely limp in behind the 2 limpers and see what happens. Don't get me wrong, raising is fine, and I realize taking a more conservative route will mean I will not win the hand as often, but I'm not trying to win every single hand I play, just trying to make good decisions that balance both stack protection and chip accumulation considerations.

    As played, not sure I'm a big fan of the shove on the turn, you've already been called once and the only flopped draw just got there, it seems like it might be hard to get called by worse at this point (obviously incorrect in the case of this hand, as they called it off with just ace high and a gut shot). But in general I would review the turn bet, is it for vlaue or a bluff? Clearly not a bluff as no better hands are folding, but is it for value (will worse hands call?). In this case obviously yes, and if you knew that then it's a value bet, but in general it seems like you won't often get called by worse on this board with this action sequence.

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      I have been betting my high pairs strong for the past week because I felt I was keeping to many people in the hand that would draw out on me if I let them hang around to long. Obviously it didn't work here, lol. Thanks for the advice.



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