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What do you think of my play in this situation?

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  • What do you think of my play in this situation?

    Ok previous to this hand I had AA and raised it up standard 4x big blind, 2 callers, I flop a set and shove to prevent club flush draw only to see one of my oponents has flopped a straight. So my stack Is halved and im basically playing fairly tight but playing super agressive when im pretty sure im ahead so as to not let anyone draw against me. And its worked well so far i've clawed back some chips and knocked out some low stacks and then i get moved to a new table, this hand is about my 5th on the table. Ok so i get AT spades and im on the big blind i get 1 limper in early the rest fold and small blind calls so already im thinking my AT is looking pretty good so i make a standard raise to take the pot and antes down not expecting a call. Early limper folds, small blind nearly times out then decides to make the call. I don't put this guy on a big pair because i doubt he would of limped in. Maybe a mid pocket pair, KQ,KJ,QJ or even Ax Rag Anyway very nice flop for me hit top pair top kicker and its a rainbow board with no real str draws, I'm in position and he checks to me pretty much confirming he has overcards or an under pair I decide I'm way ahead of anything he's holding now and i just want to take it down, so i move allin, the guy isnt pot committed and I just expect him to muck. HOW WRONG AM I hahahahaaaaa INSTANT CALL he has K9 basically he's put himself allin with king high he has 3 outs and what hits on the turn? his king......... which swiftly knocks me out of the tournament what I wanna know is did I play this right? should I have just put in a standard raise let him call it. see what happens from there? Give me some advice please
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    Kind of awkward spot for a 24 bb stack.

    Actually I think just shoving pre isn't bad to take down the 2 limps. Raising standard is probably better than 6x tbh, because if you get called there will be roughly 14x in the pot and you'll have 18x left.

    As played I think shoving the flop was fine, give him a chance to make a mistake and call it off with worse, or fold and not realize his equity (which is reasonable if he's got 2 overs).
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