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Did I play right ?

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  • Did I play right ?

    Here's my last hand in last game of the day I saw other player shove with 22 , who I would have took out with a flush if I had called Should I have checked it down ? Here's my stats for the tourney too During current Hold'em session you were dealt 103 hands and saw flop: - 8 out of 12 times while in big blind (66%) - 6 out of 10 times while in small blind (60%) - 10 out of 81 times in other positions (12%) - a total of 24 out of 103 (23%) Pots won at showdown - 7 of 10 (70%) Pots won without showdown - 13 Any help would be kind Thx in advance spike
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    I would have raised all in preflop with and M of about 3.4 and AKs It's usually an automatic decision for me. I don't like the 3,600 chip raise you have committed yourself and given your opponent better odds on the call, going all in gives you a better chance at driving him out. However, I don't think he is folding to an all in here, but considering his range and your hand a call is +EV for sure.


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      Shove preflop.

      You could also call with intention of shoving the flop. If you call you'll still have about 3000 chips you can shove at the 4000 chip pot. A 3/4 pot bet gives pot odds of 1.75 to .75 = 2.33 to 1 odds. Two overcards is 6 outs, which needs 24% or about 3 to 1 to call. The backdoor nut flush draw is worth another ~2 outs since he won't have to face another bet. If he thinks both his high cards are clean, then he's making a marginal call with 2.3 to 1 odds...If only the backdoor flush is good (ie. you have a set) he's getting close to the right odds with a 9 to 1 call.

      By making that raise preflop, you now have only 1000 chips to shove at an 8000 chip pot. So he only has to call 1000 to win 9000. 9 to 1 is good enough odds for calling anything (and he's clearly pot-committed), so you're getting called pretty close to 100% of the time by a decent player (which Kicky is). Granted, you're probably ahead, but you now have no fold equity against hands that can outdraw you or hands that are ahead but would like to fold given odds to do so (like 55).
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        This is the PSO- great starting hand in the BB- lilkiky pumps it up 2.5x- and that ""player"" wont fold for shyt-- just call and if you miss flop-- fold- you still had 4 bb left and only have the sb to pay- to clear another full orbit- the importance of knowing your opponent is exemplified in this case-

        Reg. mtt-- no brainer-- ship it pre-- gl - monk..


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          Thx guys
          Some sound advice as always


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            Super standard all in pre with less than 8 bb's.
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