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should i have played these different?

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  • should i have played these different?
    Last edited by beerhoe; Sun Mar 20, 2011, 09:26 PM.

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    Nut flush draw, how are you not betting the turn for value with his stack compared to yours? Dangle a small bet to try and get him to bite, you have, what, 12 outs to hit the flush or pair up one of your hole cards or make the straight (using my terrible math), its -ev to not make a value bet here with your draws IMHO, based on how passive this guy played and your relative stacks.


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      thnx for the reply and sorry for the not having more info but this is the firt time I have tired to link the HA.

      I thought
      1) I should have raised stronger pre flop.
      2) I should have made a stronger Cbet post flop

      I wanted to get value and take his temp to weather or not he had a hand. When he called I gave him credit for pairing the board. By him not taking control at the turn he gave me the nuts.
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        second hand in question Late in tourny with stack getting low. 800/400 Ante $75 Raised limper to 4x the BB. At that point I had 2/3's of my stack in the pot, should I have just pushed All In at this time? Would have lost the hand but may have taken down the pot. Post flop, having missed I assumed he had missed as well and then made the all in cbet. Was this a bad move at this point or should I have waited for another fight?


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          In the first one- given the relative stack sizes- ima raisin much bigger- so if he call he committed-

          In the 2nd one- with 5bb left- in EP1- ure in push or fold territory-imo- ure gettin called anyway - as it turns out-- but i think a push is in order there- unless its pso- and ure close to the money- then- wait for a better spot- gl. monk..


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            Hand 1- It's not a value bet if we're chasing. If the villain does in fact have a pair, we have a lot of outs but are still an underdog with 1 card to come. For instance, if we give the villain T9 (2nd pair) that leaves us maximum outs as even hitting a J or A wins for us... we're still roughly a 62-38 dog with 1 card to come.

            That's not to say betting is wrong, not necessarily... if we have fold equity vs. 1 pair hands it may be good. But how much fold equity we have vs. any pair is suspect based on his short stack sizse imo. If he's not folding a pair, betting is just value owning ourselves. If you make a big bet however, maybe he'll be convinced he's beat right now and fold. It's not an ureasonable semibluff at all if there is a bluff component, since we have decent equity when called.

            Hand 2 shove pre.
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              Thanks for the feed back guys.

              thelangolier- I just started watching some of your recordings in the library and look forward to sitting in on some of your classes.



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