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$20 Fifty50: Pocket Tens

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  • $20 Fifty50: Pocket Tens

    How did I play these? It was the beginning of the game, but here is what I had in the way of relevant reads. Rindyn: Loose-passive and bluff-happy kappa hd: Fifty50 regular, one of the better players here table: Very passive; at first it looked like everyone was trying to trap preflop, because even the regs were limping a lot (weird) me: total donk My play is sort of self-explanatory. I flatted one preflop raise, then folded to a 4-bet squeeze because... well, the squeeze worked exactly like it was supposed to. I was caught between a 4-bettor and the 3-bettor who might have had a stronger hand that would sharply decrease my equity. What do you think? I'm actually not totally confident I made the right move here. Edit: PanickyPoker wins the tournament and receives $76.02 - congratulations! <--- not too bad.
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    Badump bump.


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      I'm doing the same thing, folding. You have to put at least one of these players on a higher pair, in which case you're drawing really thin. Wait for a better spot.

      Good luck!!
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        This is actually a really easy fold. A lot of likely hands beat you, and the rest are flipping. You also don't even know if it will be heads up. Queens may be a difficult laydown here...but tens are easy. Fold and wait for a better spot. He may be making a brilliant move with 77, but he has kings or aces here most of the time I think, especially given your read.
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          Alright, so you guys think it was an easy fold so far. Of course, I wouldn’t have posted this if I thought it was that simple, so I’ll explain what I see differently. Possibly incorrectly, but that's why I'm posting this here. Gotta post if I'm going to get better.

          Here’s why I think my fold wasn’t good, and was actually marginal, or possibly even bad. In the position of the opener/4bettor, I would have done the same thing with a good number of pocket pairs and AK, and possibly even AQ. Here’s why. If I’m the opener, then after I open, I see that I get multiple callers and a minraiser. People who minraise are occasionally strong and looking to sweeten the pot because they don’t care how many people are in it against them (aces never lose, right?), or they’re trying to induce a shove. But most of the time, it’s just someone screwing around with a slightly above-average hand. I would have guessed at this point that the minraiser was probably not that good, and would fold to a 4bet, and even if they didn’t, I might have them beat. The big concern is the callers. They could have anything, and every one of them that remains to see a flop drastically reduces my shot at winning the pot. What’s my play? I ship. With what range? Anything strong enough to possibly be ahead, or have a good shot at winning if called.

          Now let’s say that the opener/4bettor would have done that with 77+ and AQ+. I have almost exactly 50/50 equity against that range by itself. With all the money that’s already in the pot, that’s an obvious snap-call. My only two concerns are these: 1) If anyone behind me calls, I’m not happy anymore. Even if I have sufficient pot odds, even I don’t like to ship on a 33% shot to win (at best; anyone calling would probably have a stronger range than the 4bettor). Here’s my other concern: 2) I might have misread the 4bettor. They might not be paying attention to the table, or they might have different reads than me, and be playing with a stronger range to begin with. The murkiness of the situation is why I folded. I played cautiously, but I’m not sure that I played prudently.


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            Bippity bumpity boop.


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              I had a longer post, but it expired. Sorry.

              How do you put a reg on such a wide range here? I think AK suited fits with the play pretty well actually. Treating it like a suited ace, building a nice pot in late position, and then shoving over the top of a reraise. If he's anything like the typical SnG/DoN regs, I don't see him shoving much wider than KK+ and AK suited here. Maybe QQ. Just not worth it at these blind levels. Unless he has some awesome reads that all those loose players will fold better/call super light that he's way ahead.

              I still think I would [reluctantly] fold QQ here. Of course I would have put in the 3-bet myself with QQ first. 10 10 is just too marginal here. Fold and wait for a better spot. These blinds are not worth stacking off with a hand that weak...especially after a 4-bet.
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                Originally posted by oriholic View Post
                I had a longer post, but it expired. Sorry.
                I hate it when that happens. Especially since you can't go back after you've submitted the post (although if you preview it first, I think you might be able to, so long as that doesn't time out).

                Anyway, to be fair, tens are the fifth strongest hand in Hold'em. I'm only afraid of overpairs here. I just put the villain on a range that's looser than the one you guess he had. If he's as tight as you suspect (very possible), then my tens definitely don't stand up. The villain's range has to be at least as loose as what I guessed in my previous post for me to be making a good call. If it's even a little tighter, than I'd be getting my money in bad.

                I guess if I'm lacking evidence in the way of reads to back up my suspicions, then I'm just wishfully thinking and it was a good fold. Thanks for posting, ori and joy. I think I've thought this one through thoroughly. I appreciate the feedback!

                By the way, ori, are you addicted to cookies? That's my best guess as to the meaning of your username.



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