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    Thoughts on this hand? villain min raises... dont put him on anything big... first few hands of the game so no reads
    PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 4.1 Tournament, 10/20 Blinds (8 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from

    MP2 (t1710)
    CO (t1490)
    Button (t1470)
    SB (t1480)
    Hero (BB) (t1500)
    UTG (t1320)
    UTG+1 (t1500)
    MP1 (t3030)

    Hero's M: 50.00

    Preflop: Hero is BB with ,
    4 folds, CO calls t20, Button bets t40, 1 fold, Hero calls t20, CO calls t20

    Flop: (t130) , , (3 players)
    Hero bets t80, CO calls t80, Button calls t80

    Turn: (t370) (3 players)
    Hero checks, CO checks, Button bets t100, Hero calls t100, CO calls t100

    River: (t670) (3 players)
    Hero checks, CO checks, Button bets t1250 (All-In), Hero calls t1250, 1 fold

    Total pot: t3170

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    sounds like AK or K9 to me.

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      Just an opinion. My play doesn't reflect my observations. I tend to observe better than I play...

      On the outside, I probably would have folded on the flop. You flop bottom pair w/mediocre kicker. Someone w/K10, Q10, J10, A10 all have you dominated. Of course K9, AK, too. If someone was slow playing QQ or JJ, you were drawing dead. What made this hand dangerous was that you were out of position w/a mediocre hand and led out to see a turn. Of course the 10 comes and that seemed to commit you to the pot.

      I understand betting to get a feel for where you are, but with the hand you have and the position you're in, I would have checked and let it come back around. It's hard to fold up and down straight draws especially when you hit a piece of the flop.

      Then, of course, you hit trips on the turn. But let's say a King comes. What's to say someone doesn't have an Ace to have you beat? The best card would have been an 8. That's a 4 outer. Wrong end of the draw if you ask me. Not really a hand I would have put my tourney life on that early. Especially when you're still trying to feel out the play of the people on your table. You had no information on who you were up against and risked everything on turned trips vs what looks like a nut straight or hidden full house.

      what was the winning hand, if you don't mind me asking?
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        cost me 20 bux to see a flop, got a pair, and an open ended str8 draw... what confused me was his slow play of the AK lol not used to seeing that in that game at that level of blindsumbup:


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          that's a typical live move... especially at those blinds, since people will play ATC then. don't risk your chips until you know you have the best hand.

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            Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
            cost me 20 bux to see a flop, got a pair, and an open ended str8 draw... what confused me was his slow play of the AK lol not used to seeing that in that game at that level of blindsumbup:
            Don't you hate that? Now half the time I'm not sure whether they're "switching it up" to keep you on your toes, or they're just a true passive player and refuse to put money in pre on AK. So frustrating sometimes. While some don't put much value on AK, for me it's an EP raising hand, and possibly a LP re-raising hand if it is suited. I mean, top pair top kicker, top 2 pair, nut straight, nut flush. I don't know what's so horrible about it.


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              yeah its a knockout game, so usually they are betting bonkers lol, good thing I dont tilt easily lol


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                Preflop is fine.

                Not a fan of the flop lead into this many players, if we're trying to set our price to draw cheaply then ok, but we risk getting raised now which is yuck.

                Why do we give up the lead on the turn when we improve to a strong hand?

                Overbet 2 x the pot on the river is a classic value line, looks like AK or QQ/JJ that slowplayed to your flop donk bet. I think we have to let this one go without a read that the villain bluffs with massive overbets or massively overvalues 1 pair hands like AA.
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