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Str=Flush Gut-Shot & OE-ed Str Draw

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  • Str=Flush Gut-Shot & OE-ed Str Draw

    This hand was immediately following being sucked out on w/ A-A to a back-door flush-draw and I was no doubt on tilt but still recognized my hand for what it was and didn't play under any tilt factor that blinded me to seeing a speculative hand as being +EV.. It was only the tenth hand and difficullt to gather any significant reads on viliian.. What I'm looking for are opinions as to any other way I could've/should've played this hand.. I understand that my bet on the turn may have been erronous, but I was tring to rep the A as villian seemed to be representing a K on the flop and I was hoping do induce a fold by disguisng my turn bet as one for value.. Villian having A-K never crossed my mind, and even had it I felt pretty good about my chances of a 'get there'..

    In any event, I was drawing to 15 outs; one of them being a str-flush and eight a flush, and the other six a 9-K str.. Pretty decent, IMO..

    Thanks in advance,

    PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 8.8 Tournament, 15/30 Blinds (9 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from

    MP3 (t3270)
    CO (t2550)
    Button (t2930)
    SB (t2940)
    Hero (BB) (t1306)
    UTG (t2940)
    UTG+1 (t5374)
    MP1 (t2885)
    MP2 (t5725)

    Hero's M: 29.02

    Preflop: Hero is BB with 9, 10
    1 fold, UTG+1 calls t30, MP1 calls t30, 3 folds, Button calls t30, SB calls t15, Hero checks

    Flop: (t150) 7, K, J (5 players)
    SB bets t60, Hero calls t60, 1 fold, MP1 raises to t270, 2 folds, Hero calls t210

    Turn: (t750) A (2 players)
    Hero bets t375, MP1 raises to t2585 (All-In), Hero calls t631 (All-In)
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    Raise flop and be willing to get it in if reraised. If you raise it to 165ish, someone who 3b's you will make it 385-425ish, and you'll have a nice amount to 5b ship and leverage fold equity, with good hand equity if called.
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      After review and consideration of your advice, Dave, I will definitely follow your suggestion in the future.. I know it appears as if I donk it quite a bit (because in retrospect of events, I do)..

      I've elected to play little if any Poker over the next few days as it's review, study, and assessment time.. I'm making some great runs, but no-doubt lacking in a few areas.. Before I make an attempt to invest anymore money playing Poker, I'm going to invest some time learning Poker..

      Thanks a bundle for you thoughts.. It's easy to see how correct your line of thought is when reviewing my play.. I think I often rush my play too much and need to spend more time determining what it is that I'm trying to accomplish each and every time I put money into the pot..

      Thanks again..!



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