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pocket KK but A on the flop

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  • pocket KK but A on the flop

    i'm playing limit holdem micro stakes i have KK in the pocket i raise and am called by about 5 player flop comes A ... i'm first to act is that an easy fold or do i call and see?

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    I would make a small 2bb continuation bet... reraised I fold and curse... if the flat call you just keep the pot small and play


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      I go ahead a lead out. It is still only a SB and you may get some weak aces to fold by showing strength. Many times at micro stakes you will also be able to get a cheap showdown with this line as the weak aces will rarely bet for value fearing they are out-kicked.

      That being said you are usually beat and should fold if you meet any resistance.


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        how far into a tourney and how many chips does everyone have will mean alot here.

        If early in a tourney, I'd check and see what happens (because someone more than likely has an A). If later in the tourney or if you have a big chip lead, then I'd bet 2-3bb and see what happens. Either way, if you get raised, you have to muck them.

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          Depends on how much you raised preflop.

          I will cbet 3 players or less almost always
          5 players is tricky and you need alot more info than you gave to make a cbet here.
          If you have a good player with position than I would check,since he will pick up on a weak cbet and
          fireback at you.



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